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Diff for /pkgsrc/databases/py-sybase/Makefile between version 1.17 and 1.18

version 1.17, 2006/03/04 21:29:11 version 1.18, 2006/06/16 10:58:23
 SYBASE=         ${BUILDLINK_PREFIX.freetds}  SYBASE=         ${BUILDLINK_PREFIX.freetds}
 post-patch:  SUBST_CLASSES+=         sybase
         ${SED} "s|\(runtime_library_dirs = \)None|\1['${SYBASE}'+'/lib']|" \  SUBST_STAGE.sybase=     pre-configure
                 <${WRKSRC}/setup.py >${WRKSRC}/setup.py.tmp  SUBST_MESSAGE.sybase=   Fixing runtime_library_dirs.
         ${MV} ${WRKSRC}/setup.py.tmp ${WRKSRC}/setup.py  SUBST_FILES.sybase=     setup.py
   SUBST_SED.sybase=       -e "s|\\(runtime_library_dirs = \\)None|\\1['${SYBASE}/lib']|"
 .include "../../databases/freetds/buildlink3.mk"  .include "../../databases/freetds/buildlink3.mk"
 .include "../../lang/python/extension.mk"  .include "../../lang/python/extension.mk"

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