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Revision 1.46, Wed Mar 6 08:37:57 2019 UTC (5 months, 1 week ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.45: +5 -5 lines

py-peewee: updated to 3.9.0

New and improved stuff
Added new document describing how to use peewee interactively.
Added convenience functions for generating model classes from a pre-existing database, printing model definitions and printing CREATE TABLE sql for a model. See the "use peewee interactively" section for details.
Added a __str__ implementation to all Query subclasses which converts the query to a string and interpolates the parameters.
Improvements to sqlite_ext.JSONField regarding the serialization of data, as well as the addition of options to override the JSON serialization and de-serialization functions.
Added index_type parameter to Field
Added DatabaseProxy, which allows one to use database-specific decorators with an uninitialized Proxy object.
Added support for INSERT ... ON CONFLICT when the conflict target is a partial index (e.g., contains a WHERE clause). The OnConflict and on_conflict() APIs now take an additional conflict_where parameter to represent the WHERE clause of the partial index in question.
Enhanced the playhouse.kv extension to use efficient upsert for all database engines. Previously upsert was only supported for sqlite and mysql.
Re-added the orwhere() query filtering method, which will append the given expressions using OR instead of AND.
Added some new examples to the examples/ directory
Added select_from() API for wrapping a query and selecting one or more columns from the wrapped subquery. Docs.
Added documentation on using row values.
Removed the (defunct) "speedups" C extension, which as of 3.8.2 only contained a barely-faster function for quoting entities.

Fix bug in SQL generation when there was a subquery that used a common table expressions.
Enhanced prefetch() and fixed bug that could occur when mixing self-referential foreign-keys and model aliases.
MariaDB 10.3.3 introduces backwards-incompatible changes to the SQL used for upsert. Peewee now introspects the MySQL server version at connection time to ensure proper handling of version-specific features.
Fixed bug where TimestampField would treat zero values as None when reading from the database.

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