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Revision 1.45, Fri Jan 18 08:04:45 2019 UTC (8 months ago) by adam
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.44: +5 -5 lines

py-peewee: updated to 3.8.2


Backwards-incompatible changes
The default row-type for INSERT queries executed with a non-default RETURNING clause has changed from tuple to Model instances. This makes INSERT behavior consistent with UPDATE and DELETE queries that specify a RETURNING clause. To revert back to the old behavior, just append a call to .tuples() to your INSERT ... RETURNING query.
Removing support for the table_alias model Meta option. Previously, this attribute could be used to specify a "vanity" alias for a model class in the generated SQL. As a result of some changes to support more robust UPDATE and DELETE queries, supporting this feature will require some re-working. As of the 3.8.0 release, it was broken and resulted in incorrect SQL for UPDATE queries, so now it is removed.

New features
Added playhouse.shortcuts.ReconnectMixin, which can be used to implement automatic reconnect under certain error conditions (notably the MySQL error 2006 - server has gone away).

Fix SQL generation bug when using an inline window function in the ORDER BY clause of a query.
Fix possible zero-division in user-defined implementation of BM25 ranking algorithm for SQLite full-text search.

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.45 2019/01/18 08:04:45 adam Exp $

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