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Revision 1.6 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Aug 7 11:31:14 2004 UTC (15 years, 1 month ago) by adrianp
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CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2004Q3-base, pkgsrc-2004Q3
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- update to 2.5.7-pl1
- ok'ed tron@/wiz@/snj@

phpMyAdmin - Changelog

2004-06-30 Marc Delisle  <>
    * left.php: fix against security alert, thanks to Garvin
    * Documentation.html: FAQ 8.2 for security alert
    ### 2.5.7-pl1 released

2004-06-30 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * libraries/common.lib.php: Fix against $_REQUEST['cfg'] exploits.

2004-06-09 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    ### 2.5.7 released

2004-06-08 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * server_privileges.php: typo.
    * Documentation.html, translators.html: Updated from HEAD.

2004-06-07 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * db_details_db_info.php, tbl_properties_tbl_info.php: Table type is called
      "Engine" in MySQL 4.1.2.
    * lang/*.inc.php, libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php: The new collation page
      latin1_spanish_ci (introduced with MySQL 4.1.2) is now described
    * lang/french-*: Updates.
    * scripts/, README: Merged all HEAD changes.

2004-06-07 Michal Cihar  <>
    * libraries/export/sql.php: Fix handling of multi column foreign keys.
    * libraries/common.lib.php: When only_db matches no database, do not show
    * lang/ I switched to utf-8 so default for czech is utf-8.
    * export.php: Fixed syntax error.

2004-06-07 Marc Delisle  <>
    * tbl_change.php, big numbers data entry,
      thanks to Dmitry (yrtimd)
    * server_privileges.php: password error when copying a user
    * server_privileges.php: copying a user with table privs

2004-04-02 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * lang/german-*.inc.php: Fixed a typo.

2004-03-10 Michal Cihar  <>
    * export.php: Correctly report error when export fails, fix buffer length
      counting, fix error detection.

2004-03-05 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/sqlparser.lib.php: floating point digit
    * libraries/sqlparser.lib.php: GRANT...TO

2004-03-03 Marc Delisle  <>
    * tbl_change.php, tbl_replace_fields.php: invalid
      escaping of + in ENUM

2004-03-01 Marc Delisle  <>
    ### 2.5.6 released

2004-02-29 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * libraries/common.lib.php: Yet another ungly fix concerning the missing
      mysql_get_client_info() function.

2004-02-26 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/sqlparser.lib.php: memory eater, thanks to xuefer

2004-02-24 Marc Delisle  <>
    * tbl_row_delete.php: should not be
      called twice

2004-02-18 Marc Delisle  <>
    * export.php: undefined variable $save_filename

2004-02-15 Marc Delisle  <>
    ### 2.5.6-rc2 released

2004-02-15 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    *, libraries/config_import.lib.php: Added missing Arabic
      Windows-1256 charset to the default value of $cfg['AvailableCharsets'].
    * lang/ Wrong charset (Hotfix, better fix in HEAD).

2004-02-14 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * libraries/common.lib.php, libraries/defines.lib.php: Hotfix for
      (Undefined function: mysql_get_client_info() ); bug is already
      fixed in HEAD branch because of the new DBI libraries.

2004-02-13 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * libraries/common.lib.php: (PMA chokes on undefined
      parser functions if one of the very first queries fails.

2004-02-11 Marc Delisle  <>
    * server_privileges.php: password not copied
    * read_dump.php, libraries/display_tbl.lib.php, /bookmark.lib.php:
      execute stored bookmarks when user is different

2004-02-08 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/spanish: Updated, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza (hinostroza).
    * lang/serbian: Updated, thanks to Mihailo Stefanovic (mikis).
    * lang/dutch update, thanks to Ivo Teel
    * lang/estonian: Updated, thanks to Alvar Soome (finsoft).

2004-02-05 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * Documentation.html: Added FAQ 1.17a about error message, "Client does not
      support authentication protocol".

2004-02-04 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/sqlparser.lib.php: (was a typo)

2004-02-03 Marc Delisle  <>
    * tbl_change.php: NULL default value of DATETIME field

2004-02-02 Marc Delisle  <>
    * export.php: security fix, thanks to Cedric Cochin for the advisory
    ### 2.5.6-rc1 released
    * lang/slovak: Updated, thanks to Lubos Klokner (erkac).

2004-02-02 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php: Use PMA_backquote().

2004-01-30 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * lang/german-*.inc.php: Updates.

2004-01-29 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/catalan: Updated, thanks to Xavier Navarro (xavin)
    * lang/italian: Updated, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
    * lang/danish: updates, thanks to Finn Sorensen (alleyman01)

2004-01-27 Marc Delisle  <>
    * main.php: MySQL version check before server choice

2004-01-25 Marc Delisle  <>
    * tbl_row_delete.php: broken row highlighting
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: bad sort link

2004-01-23 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * Documentation.html: Changed my email address.
      - Don't bypass $cfg['Server']['verbose'] settings;
      - Include MySQL version in SQL printview headers.
    * Avoid sending headers twice.

2004-01-14 Marc Delisle  <>
    * dropping a field with the
      multi-submit mechanism removes all internal relations of a table,
      patch thanks to Joosep-Georg Järvemaa (j-georg)

2004-01-12 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/spanish: Updated, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza (hinostroza).
    * lang/swedish: Updated, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg (bth).
    * lang/portuguese: Updated, thanks to Lopo Pizarro (lopopizarro).

2004-01-09 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * libraries/sqlparser.lib.php: Support for _charset syntax.

2004-01-09 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/ SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS

2004-01-07 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php, /display_tbl_links.lib.php:
      SHOW errors

2004-01-06 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * libraries/charset_conversion.lib.php: Skip charset conversion code if
      input charset and output charset are the same.

2004-01-05 Garvin Hicking <>
    * browse_foreigners.php, tbl_change.php: Sort key/value pairs
      as discussed . Made foreigner window resizable.
    * libraries/functions.js: Reverted row marker patch.
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php, libraries/display_tbl_links.lib.php,
      libraries/functions.js: Upon clicking on a result row, de/activate
      the checkbox next to it. Only makes sense for horizontal mode. Can be
      deactivated by setting BrowseMarkerColor to an empty string in

2004-01-05 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * tbl_properties_operations.php: Changing a table's charset changed the
      charset of all fields (MySQL >= 4.1.1).

2004-01-04 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * libraries/config_import.lib.php: Added missing compatibility code for

2004-01-02 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php, libraries/sqlparser.lib.php:
      MySQL collations are now parsed and highlighted.
    * libraries/export/sql.php: Include charset / collation information in db

2004-01-02 Marc Delisle  <>
    * db_details_structure.php: debug code still in place,
      thanks to Matthias Fichtner (mfichtner)
    * browse_foreigners.php: paging does not work; obey RepeatCells=0
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: SHOW FIELDS

2003-12-30 Michal Cihar  <>
    * lang/czech: Updated.
    * lang/*: Fixed typo s/Chech-Slovak/Czech-Slovak/.

2003-12-30 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    *, db_details_common.php, db_details_structure.php,
      tbl_properties_operations.php, css/phpmyadmin.css.php,
      libraries/common.lib.php, libraries/config_import.lib.php,
      libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php, libraries/sqlparser.lib.php:
      - SQL parser detected the character set "binary" as column attribute;
      - MySQL charsets are now parsed and highlighted - Note: the SQL parser
        library now has to be included AFTER having connected to the MySQL
      - The default charset of a database may now be changed;
      - Ensured that the user's connection is used for setting and retreiving
        charset information.
      * libraries/defines.lib.php: typo.

2003-12-30 Marc Delisle  <>
    * tbl_select.php: dropdowns in search page

2003-12-29 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * db_details_structure.php, libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php:
      - display database collation (MySQL >= 4.1.1);
      - list collations of all tables.
    * tbl_properties_strcuture, tbl_properties_table_info.php:
      - Changed "Charset" label to "Collation" because it fits better;
      - The column collations weren't displayed with MySQL 5.0.
    * libraries/ New reserved words:
      - COLLATE (since MySQL 4.1.0);
      - RETURN  (since MySQL 5.0.0).

2003-12-28 Marc Delisle  <>
    ### 2.5.5 released

2003-12-27 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * Documentation.html, README: I tested phpMyAdmin with MySQL 5.0.0-alpha.

2003-12-25 Marc Delisle  <>
    * db_details_qbe.php: error when generating joins
    * Documentation.html: FAQ 6.22: default bookmark execution

2003-12-23 Marc Delisle  <>
    * css/phpmyadmin.css.php: Patch 864334, preserve white-space between quotes
    * db_datadict.php, db_printview.php: printing on non-IE browser

2003-12-21 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/norwegian:  Updated, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).

2003-12-18 Marc Delisle  <>
    * tbl_relation.php: do not destroy foreign key references
      to another db (still cannot enter via phpMyAdmin this kind of
    * lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).

2003-12-17 Michal Cihar  <>
    * lang/ Fix generation of translation, when source is in
    * lang/ Was broken due to above bug, thanks Marc for
      noticing this.

2003-12-16 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/lithuanian: Updated, thanks to Vilius Zigmantas (viliusz).

2003-12-15 Garvin Hicking  <>
    * tbl_replace.php: Check all required array indizes for multi-row edit

2003-12-15 Marc Delisle  <>
    * read_dump.php: Go & Bookmark problem when the
      query has a character like "+" in it

2003-12-13 Marc Delisle  <>
    * tbl_query_box.php, ldi_table.php: maximum upload size
    * tbl_change.php: max BLOB upload size

2003-12-12 Marc Delisle  <>
    * db_details.php, libraries/common.lib.php, lang/*:
      new feature to display the maximum upload size
      TODO: detect if upload succeeded

2003-12-12 Garvin Hicking <>
    * export.php: Fixed Regex
    * transformation_wrapper.php, lang/*, libraries/display_tbl.lib.php,
      Added a new transformation to download blob/binary field contents
      with customized filenames. Needed two minor tweeks to the general

2003-12-11 Michal Cihar  <>
    * libraries/export/sql.php: Fix moving foreign key definition on Windows.

2003-12-11 Marc Delisle  <>
    * tbl_replace.php: missing number of rows for Affected rows
      and Inserted rows; wrong message for insert ids
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: SHOW DATABASES

2003-12-11 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * server_collations.php, lang/*.inc.php, libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php:
      Updated character sets overview for MySQL 4.1.1.
    * db_create.php, main.php: Ability to specify a default character set for a
      new database.
    * libraries/sqlparser.lib.php.

2003-12-11 Garvin Hicking <>
    * show number of rows in printview
    * tbl_change.php, tbl_replace.php, tbl_replace_fields.php:
      where non-existant fields caused PHP notices.
    * db_details.php: Removed unneccessary whitespace
    * sql.php: When dropping the only remaining database, an
      error occured. Fixed by checking if databases remein (as suggested
      by lem9)

2003-12-10 Garvin Hicking <>
    * db_datadict.php: Bug 857186: Real fix for the problem. The '@'
      delimiter slipped to the replacement's end instead of the expression's
    * db_details_structure.php: Bug 857315 - short open tag fixed

2003-12-09 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/ FORCE INDEX
    * main.php: backquotes on the wildcard dbname
      when no controluser is defined
    * db_datadict.php: ENUMs and data dictionary,
      thanks to Andrew Weiner (landreww) for the report and fix

2003-12-09 Garvin Hicking <>
    * tbl_change.php: Fixed (not displaying default values)
    * lang/german*: Translations
    * left.php: Escape single quotes in single-table cases as well

2003-12-08 Marc Delisle  <>
    * new language: basque, thanks to Axier Lopez (

2003-12-07 Marc Delisle  <>
    ### 2.5.5-rc1 released

2003-12-06 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/danish: updates, thanks to Finn Sorensen (alleyman01)

2003-12-05 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: fixed a typo,
      and added some isset for a new check

2003-12-05 Garvin Hicking <>
    * libraries/transformations/
      Use <dfn>-Tag to display original data to not waste display
      clarity by using hyperlinks. Original implementation also
      failed when using customized options.

2003-12-04 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/estonian: Updated, thanks to Alvar Soome (finsoft).
    * libraries/transformations/
      patch 845690: show real data before transformation
    * left.php: put a workaround in place

2003-12-04 Garvin Hicking <>
    * browse_foreigner.php,, tbl_change.php,
      tbl_replace.php, tbl_replace_fields.php, tbl_row_delete,
      libraries/display_tbl.lib.php, libraries/display_tbl_links.lib.php:
      Multi row edit via checkboxes in browse mode is now available.
      This means, you can edit multiple records at once now.
    * tbl_row_delete.php, tbl_change.php, tbl_change.js: Fixed
       (un)nullify() function
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php, libraries/display_tbl_links.lib.php:
      Made checkbox/edit/delete fields smaller

2003-12-02 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: the constant used to check
      if the transformation function is included no longer exists
    * libraries/transformations/: replaced "include" by "require_once"
    * lang/serbian: Updated, thanks to Mihailo Stefanovic (mikis).
    * lang/norwegian:  Updated, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).
    * lang/bulgarian:  Updated, thanks to Stanislav Yordanov (stanprog).
    * lang/danish: updates, thanks to Finn Sorensen (alleyman01)
    * lang/estonian: Updated, thanks to Alvar Soome (finsoft).

2003-11-28 Garvin Hicking <>
    * main.php: Fixed one remaining preg_match

2003-11-27 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: sort order and aliases

2003-11-26 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * Almost every file:
      - Replaced all include / require commands by require_once where possible;
      - Further php 4.1+ optimizations;
      - now automatically stops the script execution;
      - Coding standards.
    * Don't include select_lang.lib.php here.
    * libraries/common.lib.php: Backwards compatibility.
    * libraries/common.lib.php, libraries/defines.lib.php,
      libraries/defines_php.lib.php, libraries/defines_mysql.lib.php,
      defines.lib.php was included twice. For optimization reasons I moved all
      the code that is independent from the MySQL connection out of defines.lib
      into defines_php.lib.
      To point out the (new) meanings of the files I renamed defines.lib.php to
      defines_mysql.lib.php while defines_php.lib.php is now known as

2003-11-26 Michal Cihar  <>
    * lang/ Cleanup.
    * lang/ Cleanup.
    * lang/czech: Better translated some strings.

2003-11-26 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/arabic: update, thanks to Ossama Khayat (okhayat)
    * lang/hindi: update, thanks to Girish Nair (girish_nair)
    * lang/slovak: Updated, thanks to Lubos Klokner (erkac).
    * lang/spanish: Updated, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza (hinostroza).

2003-11-25 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * translators.html: Changed email of Hindi translator, again.
    * badwords.txt: File is obsolete.

2003-11-25 Garvin Hicking <>
    * db_details_qbe.php, left.php, main.php, pdf_pages.php, server_collations.php,
      tbl_change.php, tbl_indexes.php, tbl_move_copy.php, tbl_relation.php,
      tbl_replace.php, libraries/common.lib.php, libraries/db_config.lib.php,
      libraries/display_tbl.lib.php, libraries/grab_globals.lib.php,
      libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php, libraries/select_lang.lib.php:

      Reverted some obfuscated regular expressions to their working eregi-versions
      to not break stuff. Removed unneccessary reset() calls, replaced some more
      while(list()) constructs.
    * libraries/transformations/overview.php, libraries/transformations/,
      libraries/common.lib.php, libraries/display_tbl.lib.php,
      libraries/transformations.lib.php3, user_password.php, tbl_change.php, sql.php,
      ldi_check.php,, db_details_importdocsql.php:

      - When stored transformations have '.php3' ending, automagically assume '.php' now.
      - Use 's' RegEx Pattern modifier for certain situations where '.' should also include

2003-11-24 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * lang/german-*.inc.php: Updates.
    * lang/english-*.inc.php: Sortation.

2003-11-24 Marc Delisle  <>
    * tbl_rename.php: give an error if the new table name has a dot
      in its name, to avoid doing our automatic relation-table renames

2003-11-24 Michal Cihar  <>
    * libraries/common.lib.php: Use preg again, it just needs a bit more
      escaping of \ (once for PHP and once for PCRE).
    * css/phpmyadmin.css.php: Make server selection in left frame same size as
      on other places.
    * main.php: One more regex escaping fix.
    * lang/chinese_big5: Updated, thanks to Siu Sun (siusun).
    * lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
    * lang/latvian: Updated, thanks to Sandis Jerics (saaa2002).
    * translators.html: Updated email for Hindi translator.

2003-11-23 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * server_privileges.php3: while (list() = each()) is not always as bad as
      one might think ;-p

2003-11-22 Garvin Hicking <>
    * ./*: More PHP3-compatibility removal, see 2003-11-20.

2003-11-22 Marc Delisle  <>
    * tbl_properties_operations.php: display "Add constraints" only
      if there are foreign keys in current table
    * libraries/common.lib.php: revert back to previous logic at line 1108
      because of regex problem (when only_db is used)

2003-11-21 Marc Delisle  <>
    * tbl_move_copy.php: typo about constraints

2003-11-21 Michal Cihar  <>
    * scripts/ Udated information what is needed to change on
      home page to currect status.

2003-11-20 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * server_databases.php, server_processlist.php, server_status.php,
      server_variables.php: Removed some php 3 / MySQL 3.21 compatibility code.
    * README: Updated requirements.
    * scripts/ Create Documentation.txt when building the
      distribution kits.
    * Documentation.txt, scripts/ Romoved.

2003-11-20 Michal Cihar  <>
    * read_dump.php: Show message about failing upload in all cases, removed
      some PHP compatibility code.
    * libraries/export/sql.php: More older PHP cleanup.
    * tbl_move_copy.php, tbl_properties_operations.php, lang/*: Cleanup in
      table moving/copying and allow to keep constraints over these
    * server_databases.php: Add correct parameters to left frame to keep
      server choice, language, etc.
    * libraries/config_import.lib.php,, db_details.php,
      tbl_query_box.php, Documentation: Allow changing of default queries
    * Documentation.html: Valid XHTML again.
    * lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).

2003-11-20 Garvin Hicking <>
    * libraries/auth/*, libraries/dbg/*, libraries/export/*, libraries/fpdf/*,
      libraries/transformations/overview.php, libraries/*.php
      (work in progress)

      Lots of PHP < 4.1.0 / MySQL < 3.23.32 compatibility/performance changes:
      - Replaced "while (list() = each())" calls by foreach loops.
      - Removed PHP3-compatibility code
      - Removed calls to $HTTP_*_VARS (using $_* now).
      - Replaced some TAB-characters with whitespace
      - Removed PHP4 < 4.1.0 compatibility code
      - Removed MySQL < 3.23.32 compatibility code
      - Replaced "for ($i=0; $i <= count(); $i++)" loops to
        "$cnt = count(); for ($i=0; $i <= $cnt; $i++)" structures for better
      - Replace calls to eregi*/split functions to their preg* counterparts for
        faster and binary-safe operation
      - Replace regex-Calls to simple string functions where possible (speedup)
      - Replace calls to substr($string, X, 1) to $string{X}

2003-11-19 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: first group of headers was offset by
      one column to the left

2003-11-19 Michal Cihar  <>
    * lang/catalan: Updated, thanks to Xavier Navarro (xavin).
    * lang/chinese_big5: Updated, thanks to Siu Sun (siusun).
    * lang/portuguese: Updated, thanks to António Raposo (cfmsoft).
    * lang/spanish: Updated, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza (hinostroza).

2003-11-19 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * libraries/grab_globals.lib.php: Do not use $HTTP_*_VARS arrays anymore.
    * Documentation.html: Modified requirements.
    * server_collations.php: Replaced obsolete "while (list() = each())" calls
      by foreach loops.
    * server_privileges.php: Dropped some MySQL 3.21 / php 3 compatibility code.

2003-11-18 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * libraries/common.lib.php: Recognizing new 2.x revisions.

2003-11-18 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/*: strUpgradeMySQL -> strUpgrade with one more parameter
      for the product name
    * main.php: new warnings for old PHP or MySQL versions

2003-11-18 Michal Cihar  <>
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php: Can kill more proceses.

2003-11-18 Michal Cihar  <>
    * almost EVERYTHING: The big rename from php3 to php.

2003-11-18 Michal Cihar  <>
    * read_dump.php3: Show result of last SHOW query when multiple queries.
    * scripts/ Generate also sizes of files, for on homepage.

2003-11-17 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/french: update
    * lang/turkish update, thanks to Bora Alioglu
    * lang/italian: Updated, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
    * lang/norwegian:  Updated, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).

2003-11-14 Marc Delisle  <>
    * tbl_properties_structure.php3: not only TEXT but also
      any ...TEXT field types can have a FULLTEXT index

2003-11-13 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/common.lib.php3: undefined variable dblist_full when
      renaming a table

2003-11-13 Michal Cihar  <>
    * libraries/export/sql.php3: Fix export of foreign keys.
    * libraries/export/sql.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3,
      libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/display_export.lib.php3, lang/*, Allow delayed inserts.
    * libraries/export/sql.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3,
      libraries/config_import.lib.php3, libraries/display_export.lib.php3,
      lang/*, Support for creating UPDATE and REPLACE
      statements in export.
    * lang/ Checks for parameter count.

2003-11-12 Michal Cihar  <>
    * libraries/export/latex.php3: Fixed LaTeX output.
    * libraries/export/latex.php3: Unique fields are bold.

2003-11-11 Garvin Hicking <>
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Added more secure checks
      for each'ing on arrays built by the query analyzer.
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Fixed - Colspan for
      repeated headers were wrong since introduction of multi-row delete.

2003-11-10 Marc Delisle  <>
    * scripts/ was not converted

2003-11-07 Marc Delisle  <>
    * tbl_change.php3, tbl_replace_fields.php3, Documentation.html:
      now (if using PHP4) users can enter NULL in a field
      and get the string NULL and not a NULL value. For a real NULL
      value they must use the Null checkbox.

2003-11-06 Marc Delisle  <>
    * New italian doc (partial) in pma_localized_docs
    * lang/estonian: Updated, thanks to Alvar Soome (finsoft).

2003-11-06 Garvin Hicking <>
    * sql.php3, libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3:
      Display linked values in printview. Display relation-
      related features (comments, MIME-transformations) in printview.
      Fix empty table rows in vertical display (kept Mozilla from displaying
      borders in this printmode). Adjusted layout a tiny-weeny bit to let
      the comments of a field fit the whole space.
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, libraries/transformations/TEMPLATE,
      Documentation.html: Propagate current MIME-type to plugin functions.
      Thanks for noticing (again), Thiemo Maettig. :)
    * libraries/common.lib.php3, Documentation.html,
      Now use $cfg['Servers'][$i]['only_db'] to allow sorting databases in
      the left frame. The '*' character can be used to
      fill in all remaining characters. See Documentation for details.
      thanks to Xuefer for suggestions.

2003-11-06 Michal Cihar  <>
    * libraries/export/xml.php3: Add xml header with encoding information.

2003-11-05 Garvin Hicking <>
    * libraries/common.lib.php3, Do not
      store queries with errors in history, also when coming from the
      database SQL tab.
    * libraries/common.lib.php3: The MySQL-error messages
      are now put inside a <code> HTML-container, not <pre>. This allows
      wordwrapping to hide vertical scrollbars. Linebreak/Whitespace
      formatting has been altered to preserve those.
    * libraries/transformations/
      Remove obsolete code, thanks to Thiemo Maettig!
    * Documentation.html, libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3,
      The $meta field information is now passed to the transformation plugins
      to allow future (and easier) usage of field information

2003-11-04 Marc Delisle  <>
    * Documentation.html: added known limitation in FAQ 3.10
      about selecting homonyms on a table without primary key

2003-11-04 Garvin Hicking <>
    * Documentation.html: Added known limitation about ANSI-mode
    * libraries/transformations/
      Now allow more timestamps. Minor modification of a patch
      submitted by anonymous poster. Thanks!

2003-11-03 Garvin Hicking <>
    * Documentation.html, tbl_row_delete.php3,
      Fixed "Execute stored bookmark". Also made some minor
      tweaks to make PHP-Transformations with forms working again. Added
      a limitation notice on that to FAQ 3.8. Added an image to this action.
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Made multi-row delete working for
      vertical browse mode. When executing a multi-row delete, keep the
      last used display mode and other options.
    * Documentation.html: Adjusted link to the link-section of our homepage.
      Fixed typo.

2003-11-03 Michal Cihar  <>
    * lang/czech: Updated.
    * libraries/common.lib.php3: URI detection works with www-Sharp.Runtime

2003-11-03 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * lang/german-*.inc.php3: Grammar.
    *, libraries/common.lib.php3,
      libraries/config_import.lib.php3, libraries/display_export.lib.php3,
      libraries/export/csv.php3, lang/*.inc.php3:
      (Excel v.X does not import 'CSV for Excel' exports).

2003-11-02 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/arabic: big update, thanks to Ossama Khayat (okhayat)
    * lang/norwegian:  Updated, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).

2003-11-01 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/relation.lib.php3: quotes added

2003-10-31 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/romanian: Updated, thanks to Valics Lehel.
    * tbl_relation.php3: add backquotes around table and field names
      in queries for InnoDB foreign keys; however, in current MySQL 4.0.16
      version, a blank character in a field name is not accepted by InnoDB

2003-10-27 Marc Delisle  <>
    * querywindow.php3: js errors in SQL-history,
      thanks to Jenik Kaspar (jenix)

2003-10-26 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: undefined $sql_order
    * querywindow.php3: cosmetic change: added &nbsp; for
      better display in Iconic 'both' mode

2003-10-24 Michal Cihar  <>
    * lang/lithuanian: Updated, thanks to Vilius Zigmantas (viliusz).
    * lang/serbian: utf-8 translations contained no strings, regenerated.
    * lang/other: Added missing strings.
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Try to show sorting by indexes only if
      it makes sense.

2003-10-20 Michal Cihar  <>
    * libraries/export/sql.php3: Fix undefined variable for MySQL < 3.23.20.
    * libraries/export/sql.php3. libraries/export/latex.php3,
      libraries/display_export.lib.php3, export.php3, lang/*,
      libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3: Allow to
      supress dates in SQL dump separately.
    * lang/ Fail if no message specified.
    * lang/ Fail if no file specified.
    * libraries/display_export.lib.php3: Added ugly hack to allow switching
      export options in Opera.
    * db_details_structure.php3, lang/*: Show also overhead, allow to check
      all tables with overhead at once (JS only).
    * Try to update history in table only if configured so.

2003-10-21 Marc Delisle  <>
    * pdf_pages.php3: Patch 825672: show fields in Edit PDF scratchboard,
      thanks to Chris Walsh (chriswalshaz)
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: undefined $url_query
    * tbl_relation.php3: Bug 827340: Relation view should display also
      non-unique keys as possible choices for foreign keys

2003-10-20 Michal Cihar  <>
    * Documentation,, tbl_change.php3,
      libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3: Make
      default functions configurable.

2003-10-18 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/common.lib.php3: Safari 1.0 v85.5 and fonts
    * libraries/functions.js: scratchboard and paper size
    * lang/swedish: Updated, thanks to Björn T. Hallberg (bth).
    ### 2.5.4 released

2003-10-17 Marc Delisle  <>
    * browse_foreigners.php3: PMA_jsFormat() needed on alert()
    * tbl_query_box.php3, libraries/bookmark.lib.php3:
      bookmarks not configured

2003-10-16 Michal Cihar  <>
    * libraries/zip.lib.php3: Calculate offset progressively.
    * scripts/ Perl in most cases lives in /usr/bin/perl.
    * lang/italian: Updated, thanks to Pietro Danesi (danone).
    * lang/serbian: Updated, thanks to Mihailo Stefanovic (mikis).
    * lang/ Regenerated, was somehow broken.
    * lang/ Ignores non file parameter.
    * libraries/common.lib.php3: Add some more fixes for wrongly typed
    * Documentation: Changed my email and credits.
    * libraries/defines_php.lib.php3: Output buffering is not available in
      php 3.

2003-10-15 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/russian-windows-1251: wrong charset

2003-10-14 Marc Delisle  <>
    * server_privileges.php3: sometimes db privileges
      are not shown

2003-10-12 Marc Delisle  <>
    * Documentation.html: FAQ 6.21 needed clarification

2003-10-11 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/grab_globals.lib.php3: better fix
    * tbl_select.php3: escape single quotes in table
      Search page

2003-10-10 Marc Delisle  <>
    * undefined function PMA_setHistory()

2003-10-10 Michal Cihar  <>
    * libraries/export/sql.php3: Fix PMA_getTableContentOld.
    * left.php3: Konqueror 3 and Opera 7 works with tree view.
    * scripts/ Generate MD5 sums.
    * Documentation,, scripts/create_tables.sql: Change
      default phpMyAdmin table names from PMA_* to pma_*.

2003-10-07 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/russian*: updated, thanks to Artyom Rabzonov

2003-10-07 Michal Cihar  <>
    * Documentation: Another hint for creating primary/unique keys.

2003-10-06 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/slovak: Updated, thanks to Lubos Klokner (erkac).

2003-10-06 Michal Cihar  <>
    * tbl_replace.php3: Do not include query in redirect url if too long.

2003-10-02 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/grab_globals.lib.php3: protect POST variables
      against cookies of the same name
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: the multi-row delete
      icon should not be displayed in all cases

2003-10-01 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/slovenian update, thanks to Kositer Uros
    * lang/norwegian:  Updated, thanks to Sven-Erik Andersen (sven-erik).
    * libraries/export/sql.php3: Undefined index/offset
    * lang/turkish update, thanks to Bora Alioglu

2003-10-01 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * translators.html: Better link.

2003-09-30 Marc Delisle  <>
    ### 2.5.4-rc1 released

2003-09-29 Michal Cihar  <>
    * lang/czech: Updated.
    *, db_details_importdocsql.php3,
      db_details_structure.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3: You now
      need to explicitely enable docSQL support ($cfg['docSQLDir']).
    * Documentation: Documented above and support for compressed dumps.
    * db_details.php3, export.php3, ldi_check.php3, ldi_table.php3,
      read_dump.php3, tbl_change.php3, tbl_query_box.php3,
      tbl_replace_fields.php3: $cfg['*Dir'] don't have to end with slash.

2003-09-28 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/albanian: Updated, thanks to Laurent Dhima (laurenti).
    * lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
    * lang/chinese_big5: Updated, thanks to Siu Sun (siusun).
    * new lang: bosnian, thanks to Samir Kobiljak

2003-09-27 Marc Delisle  <>
    * tbl_row_delete.php3,,
      libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, /display_tbl_links.lib.php3:
      RFE 810270: multi-row delete in browse mode
    * lang/catalan: Updated, thanks to Xavier Navarro (xavin).
    * lang/polish: Updated, thanks to Jakub Wilk (ubanus).
    * lang/spanish: Updated, thanks to Daniel Hinostroza (dhinostroza).

2003-09-26 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * tbl_indexes.php3: (Icons for index table).
    * lang/persian-*.inc.php3, lang/,
      libraries/select_lang.lib.php3, translators.html:
      New Persian language files, thanks to Parham Ghaffarian.
    * libraries/select_lang.lib.php3: Removed a dublicate entry.
    * translators.html: I'm back. :-)
    * lang/ Resorted strings.

2003-09-26 Garvin Hicking <>
    * left.php3: Fixed display of '__protected__' subgroup in
      non-light left frame mode, when $cfg['LeftFrameTableSeperator'] is empty.

2003-09-24 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * libraries/function.js: (Opera 7.20 messes up row
      markers), thanks to Michael Johnson (redbeardc).
    * server_privileges.php3: Fixed (Password not kept when
      modifying user).

2003-09-23 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * lang/german-*.inc.php3: Fixed some typos, thanks to Sebastian Mendel.

2003-09-23 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/export/sql.php3: we need to analyze the query
      to get the true column name in case of aliases
    * libraries/common.lib.php3: final 1.0 version of Safari
      does not need reduced font size

2003-09-20 Marc Delisle  <>
    * pdf_schema.php3: the "Show color" only removed
      color on arrows, now removes all the color because of printing problems
      on black&white printers, thanks to Kelley Lingerfelt (rebelkell)

2003-09-19 Marc Delisle  <>
    * server_privileges.php3: could not delete a user

2003-09-19 Michal Cihar  <>
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: Fixed deleting AND from end of condition
      with older php.

2003-09-18 Michal Cihar  <>
    * libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3: Improved functionality when more
      than one cookie auth is being used.

2003-09-18 Garvin Hicking <>
    * tbl_query_box.php3, read_dump.php3, sql.php3, lang/*: -
      Add bookmark option to query window/tab to bookmark any statement.

2003-09-17 Garvin Hicking <>
    * querywindow.php3: Display 'edit' button to alter entries from SQL query
      history, not execute them immediately.
    * Save SQL history even if 'LockFromUpdate' is selected.
    * server_databases.php3: Refresh left frame when selecting a DB of

2003-09-17 Michal Cihar  <>
    * read_dump.php3, libraries/read_dump.lib.php3: Error message when file
      can not be read.
    * tbl_query_box.php3: Do not require any variables in query window.
    * lang/*, libraries/export/sql.php3: Export separately constraints, so
      they don't cause troubles on import.
    * Documentation,, left.php3, main.php3, lang/*,
      libraries/common.lib.php3, libraries/config_import.lib.php3,
      libraries/auth/arbitrary.auth.lib.php3(deleted): Merged arbitrary auth
      into cookie auth, new config variable for enabling this
    * db_details.php3, tbl_change.php3, tbl_query_box.php3,
      libraries/common.lib.php3: Execute uploaded gzip/bzip'd SQL-files
    * Documentation,, export.php3, libraries/common.lib.php3,
      libraries/config_import.lib.php3: Allow compressing large SQL dumps -
      they are compressed by smaller chunks and send to browser.
    * tbl_properties_operations.php3: Remove '; InnoDB free:' part from
      comment including references.

2003-09-16 Marc Delisle  <>
    * sql.php3: (js disabled and user removes the row limit
      from the Show [30] rows)

2003-09-16 Garvin Hicking <>
    * db_details_qbe.php, libraries/mysql_wrappers.lib.php3: Finetune the new
    PMA_mysql_fetch_fields() function and renamed it to PMA_mysql_fetch_fields_alternate:
    It now uses 'SHOW FIELDS FROM...'. Modified all calls to the old function to fit the new
    one. Keep old function for any future use.

2003-09-15 Marc Delisle  <>
    * tbl_properties_links.php3, db_details_structure.php3: in Table view,
      "Select" becomes "Search" to denote more clearly was this sub-page
      is about

2003-09-15 Michal Cihar  <>
    * libraries/export/sql.php3: Avoid freeing failed result.

2003-09-14 Marc Delisle  <>
    * Documentation.html: clarify FAQ 6.20 about which privileges are
      assigned to users after an upgrade to MySQL 4, and their effect
      on seeing all the databases.

2003-09-12 Garvin Hicking <>
    * lang/*, sql.php3, libraries/bookmark.lib.php3:
      (Bookmarks for all users)
    * lang/german*: Update
    * Documentation.html: Added note to FAQ 6.18 about bookmark-variable expansion
      not working on PHP < 4.0.3

2003-09-12 Marc Delisle  <>
    * lang/turkish update, thanks to Bora Alioglu
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3: (undefined $prev_index)
      and add "Sort" tooltip to each column header

2003-09-11 Michal Cihar  <>
    * read_dump.php3: Add also limit to size, not only to pieces, because of
      extended inserts.

2003-09-10 Marc Delisle  <>
    * Documentation.html: clarify about InnoDB support
    * libraries/sqlparser.lib.php3: BINARY as an operator;
      : SELECT * FROM mytable LIMIT 0,-1
    * libraries/mysql_wrappers.lib.php3:  wrong results coming
      from mysql_list_fields, so modify PMA_mysql_list_fields to use
      SELECT * FROM db.table LIMIT 1
      (Thanks to Peter Beckman (ooglek))

2003-09-09 Marc Delisle  <>
    * libraries/mysql_wrappers.lib.php3: wrong results coming
      from mysql_list_tables, so modify PMA_mysql_list_tables to use

2003-09-09 Michal Cihar  <>
    * tbl_relation.php3: Avoid message about not array variable when no InnoDB
      relations used.
    * libraries/display_tbl.lib.php3, lang/*: Allow user to select sorting by
    * lang/indonesian: Updated, thanks to Rachim Tamsjadi (tamsy).
    * lang/dutch: Updated, thanks to nobody :-).

2003-09-08 Michal Cihar  <>
    * left.php3, main.php3, lang/*, libraries/common.lib.php3, Documentation,, libraries/auth/arbitrary.auth.lib.php3,
      libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php3: Support for login to arbitrary

2003-09-08 Alexander M. Turek  <>
    * server_privileges.php3: Fixed (No 'LOCK TABLES' in DB-specific

2003-09-07 Marc Delisle  <>
    ### 2.5.3 released

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