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Revision 1.10, Mon Jun 15 20:30:03 2009 UTC (10 years, 5 months ago) by sno
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2009Q2-base, pkgsrc-2009Q2
Changes since 1.9: +10 -9 lines

pkgsrc changes:
  - Updating package of p5 module DBIx::Class from 0.08103 to 0.08107
  - Adjusting dependencies according to META.yaml
  - Adjusting LICENSE according to META.yaml
  - Setting module type to Module::Install

Upstream changes:
0.08107 2009-06-14 08:21:00 (UTC)
        - Fix serialization regression introduced in 0.08103 (affects
        - POD fixes
        - Fixed incomplete ::Replicated debug output

0.08106 2009-06-11 21:42:00 (UTC)
        - Switched SQLite storage driver to DateTime::Format::SQLite
          (proper timezone handling)
        - Fix more test problems

0.08105 2009-06-11 19:04:00 (UTC)
        - Update of numeric columns now properly uses != to determine
          dirtyness instead of the usual eq
        - Fixes to IC::DT tests
        - Fixed exception when undef_if_invalid and timezone are both set on
          an invalid datetime column

0.08104 2009-06-10 13:38:00 (UTC)
        - order_by now can take \[$sql, @bind] as in
          order_by => { -desc => \['colA LIKE ?', 'somestring'] }
        - SQL::Abstract errors are now properly croak()ed with the
          correct trace
        - populate() now properly reports the dataset slice in case of
          an exception
        - Fixed corner case when populate() erroneously falls back to
        - Work around braindead mysql when doing subquery counts on
          resultsets containing identically named columns from several
        - Fixed m2m add_to_$rel to invoke find_or_create on the far
          side of the relation, to avoid duplicates
        - DBIC now properly handles empty inserts (invoking all default
          values from the DB, normally via INSERT INTO tbl DEFAULT VALUES
        - Fix find_or_new/create to stop returning random rows when
          default value insert is requested (RT#28875)
        - Make IC::DT extra warning state the column name too
        - It is now possible to transparrently search() on columns
          requiring DBI bind (i.e. PostgreSQL BLOB)
        - as_query is now a Storage::DBI method, so custom cursors can
          be seamlessly used
        - Fix search_related regression introduced in 0.08103

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.10 2009/06/15 20:30:03 sno Exp $

DISTNAME=	DBIx-Class-0.08107
CATEGORIES=	databases perl5

MAINTAINER=	pkgsrc-users@NetBSD.org
HOMEPAGE=	http://search.cpan.org/dist/DBIx-Class/
COMMENT=	Extensible and flexible object <-> relational mapper

DEPENDS+=	p5-Carp-Clan>=6.0:../../devel/p5-Carp-Clan
DEPENDS+=	p5-Class-Accessor-Grouped>=0.08003:../../devel/p5-Class-Accessor-Grouped
DEPENDS+=	p5-Class-C3>=0.20:../../devel/p5-Class-C3
DEPENDS+=	p5-Class-C3-Componentised>=1.0005:../../devel/p5-Class-C3-Componentised
DEPENDS+=	p5-Class-Inspector>=1.24:../../devel/p5-Class-Inspector
DEPENDS+=	p5-DBD-SQLite>=1.25:../../databases/p5-DBD-SQLite
DEPENDS+=	p5-Data-Page>=2.00:../../devel/p5-Data-Page
DEPENDS+=	p5-JSON-Any>=1.18:../../converters/p5-JSON-Any
DEPENDS+=	p5-MRO-Compat>=0.09:../../devel/p5-MRO-Compat
DEPENDS+=	p5-Module-Find>=0.06:../../devel/p5-Module-Find
DEPENDS+=	p5-Path-Class>=0.16:../../devel/p5-Path-Class
DEPENDS+=	p5-SQL-Abstract>=1.56:../../databases/p5-SQL-Abstract
DEPENDS+=	p5-SQL-Abstract-Limit>=0.13:../../databases/p5-SQL-Abstract-Limit
DEPENDS+=	p5-Scope-Guard>=0.03:../../devel/p5-Scope-Guard
DEPENDS+=	{perl>=5.10,p5-Scalar-List-Utils>=1.19}:../../devel/p5-Scalar-List-Utils
DEPENDS+=	{perl>=5.10,p5-Storable-[0-9]*}:../../devel/p5-Storable
DEPENDS+=	p5-Sub-Name>=0.04:../../devel/p5-Sub-Name

BUILD_DEPENDS+=	p5-Test-Simple>=0.82:../../devel/p5-Test-Simple
BUILD_DEPENDS+=	p5-Test-Exception>=0:../../devel/p5-Test-Exception
BUILD_DEPENDS+=	p5-Test-Deep>=0:../../devel/p5-Test-Deep
BUILD_DEPENDS+=	p5-Test-Warn>=0.11:../../devel/p5-Test-Warn


.include 	"options.mk"

PERL5_PACKLIST=		auto/DBIx/Class/.packlist
PERL5_MODULE_TYPE=	Module::Install


.include "../../databases/p5-DBI/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../lang/perl5/module.mk"
.include "../../mk/bsd.pkg.mk"