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Changes since 1.5: +372 -433 lines
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Update to 3.0.7. Tested by Greg Oster, thanks.

3.0.7 (2011-05-26)

- Fixed unconsistent license statements in the sourcecode, meaning license
  boilerplates is now added/updated (from GPL v3 to GPL v2) in all files
  added and/or modified since Luma 2.4.

- Removed the last string exception from!

- Gzipping of Nroff manpages on UNIX and UNIX-like systems is now handled during

- Include the nthash patch, which was fixed in Luma 2.4 svn rev 841, but not
  included in the new codebase.


- Added a import check for the crypt module in mkpasswd, because of ImportError
  on the Windows platform.

3.0.6-2 (2011-05-16)

- Fixed exception.ErrorType bug in LumaConnectionWrapper.

- Updated the error/exception feedback in the Search plugin

- Renamed the browser_plugin folder to browser

- Moved Plugin* related code out from the util package and into base.gui,, base.model

- Fixed export subtree in Browser plugin.

3.0.6-1 (2011-05-15)

- Some small fixes to the documentation files.

3.0.6 (2011-05-15)
.. This marks the end of the project. Einar Uvsløkk <>

- New Connection API introduced with the LumaConnectionWrapper. This includes
  wrapper methods (both sync and async) for the refactored LumaConnection.
  Uses signal and slots to notify results from the various operations.
  All Qt 4 dependencies is thus removed from the backend modules.

- Refactor cleanup of the menubar in the main window.

- Search plugin now supports none-ascii characters in both server name and
  search filter strings.

- Dynamic translation implemented in the Template plugin.

- Improved (simplified) internationalization support

3.0.5-sprint5 (2011-04-11)
.. This marks the end of sprint 5. Einar Uvsløkk <>

- Search plugin has got a few updates and improvements. The filter builder
  has replaced the old filter wizard, some UI fixes in the search form, and
  the result view for displaying search results is implemented. New feature
  enabling additional filtering on returned search results.

- Template plugin improved with the option to define none required attributes
  to appear as required.

3.0.4-sprint4 (2011-03-25)
.. This marks the end of sprint 4. Einar Uvsløkk <>

- Main-application: Support for commandline arguments added. As of now this
  includes mostly clear flags, to wipe clean malicious config settings.

- Browser-plugin: Added multiselection item export and delete. Lots of
  improvments in the Browsers entry view, including basic support for different
  html layouts for the view.

- Template-plugin: Gui finished, logic on its way.

- Search-plugin: Skeleton gui, and basic functionality implemented.

3.0.3-sprint3 (2011-03-14)
.. This marks the end of sprint 3. Einar Uvsløkk <>

- Luma is now able to load plugins from the default plugin location.

- The Browser plugin now supports editing entries

- A simple installation procedure is included, making use of pythons own
  distutils module.

3.0.2-sprint2 (2011-03-01)
.. This marks the end of sprint 2. Einar Uvsløkk <>

- Plugin support is partly implemented. Loading plugins is working, but no
  *real* plugins is present at runtime yet.

- The Browser plugin is partly implemented, but not integrated into the
  application yet.

- An extended QSettings class is implemented, with transparent support for
  loading and saving application  settings. Settings is loaded and saved from
  both the main window and the newly implemented settings dialog.

- Full translation is available for English and Norwegian, and can be changed,
  from both the settings dialog and the application menu bar, at runtime
  without changing the application state.

3.0.1-sprint1 (2011-02-28)
.. This marks the end of sprint 1. *Einar Uvsløkk* <>

.. note::
   This relase branch was tagged and created at the end of sprint 2, but still
   reflects the work done up until the end of sprint 1. It was created to
   document the development progression.

- The Menu bar is restructured compared to Luma 2.4, various platforms *Human
  Interface Guidelines*.

- The Plugin toolbar is implemented, but with no real functionality yet.

- The Logger Window is implemented and displayes various logging levels, using
  the builtin python logging module.

- About dialog is implemented, and completely rewritten compared to Luma 2.4,
  inspired by gtk and gnome.

- The Server dialog GUI is implemented. Support for reading and saving the
  server list is also implemented.

- Translation files is loaded dynamically. Uses the old translation files,
  which still works on parts of the application. The languages can be selected
  from the menu bar, which is populated dynamically on startup.

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