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Revision 1.2 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Aug 7 02:41:30 2013 UTC (9 years, 3 months ago) by mef
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Changes since 1.1: +12 -10 lines
Diff to previous 1.1 (colored)

 (was not to install libiberty) .. removed
 (was not to install-recursive under opcodes) .. removed
 Added comments (all are as 'Avoid installing info').
 Added installing libbfd.a bfd.h for simulavr.
 Installs libiberty.a as avr/lib/libiberty.a
 Installs ansidecl.h and symcat.h for simulavr

Bump Version 2.19.1 to 2.23.2
(From binutils-2.23.2/binutils/NEWS)
Changes in 2.23:

* Add support for the VLE extension to the PowerPC architecture.
* Add support for x64 Windows target of the delayed-load-library.
* Add support for the Renesas RL78 architecture.

Changes in 2.22:

* Add support for displaying the contents of .debug.macro sections.
* Add --preprocessor-arg option to windres to specify additional options
  passed to preprocessor.
* Add --dwarf-start and --dwarf-end to readelf and objdump.  These are used by
  the new Emacs mode, see dwarf-mode.el.
* Add support for the Tilera TILEPro and TILE-Gx architectures.

changes in 2.21:

* Add --interleave-width option to objcopy to allowing copying a range of
  bytes from the input to the output with the --interleave option.
* Add support for the TMS320C6000 (TI C6X) processor family.
* Readelf can now display ARM unwind tables (.ARM.exidx / .ARM.extab) using
  the -u / --unwind option.
* Add --dyn-syms to readelf to dump dynamic symbol table.
* A new tool - elfedit - has been added to directly manipulate ELF format
* Add to dlltool .def file feature of aliasing PE internal symbol name by
  '== <ID>' option.
* Add a new command line option -a / --addresses to addr2line to display the
  address before function name or source filename.
* Add a new command line option -p / --pretty-print to addr2line to have
  a more human readable output.
* The hppa/som targets can now be compiled on any host.

Changes in 2.20:

* Add support for delay importing to dlltool.  Use the --output-delaylib <file>
  switch to create a delay-import library.  The resulting app will load the dll
  as soon as the first function is called.  It will link to __delayLoadHelper2()
  from the static delayimp library, which will import LoadLibraryA and
  GetProcAddress from kernel32.

* Add a new command line option, --insn-width=WIDTH, to objdump to specify
  number of bytes to be displayed on a single line when disassembling

* Readelf can now display the relocated contents of a section as a sequence
  of bytes via the --relocated-dump=<name|number> command line option.

* The gprof program has been given a new command line option:
  --external-symbols-table=<filename> which reads in symbols from a specified

* The plugin target has been added to bfd. It can load the same shared objects
  used by gold and uses them to provide basic support for new file formats.

* The verilog memory hex dump file format is now supported as an output format
  for objcopy.

* Add --file-alignment, --heap, --image-base, --section-alignment,
  --stack and --subsystem command line options to objcopy, which will
  set PE optional header.

* Option --dwarf/-W of objdump is now as flexible as readelf --debug-dump/-w.

* --as-needed now links in a dynamic library if it satisfies undefined
  symbols in regular objects, or in other dynamic libraries.  In the
  latter case the library is not linked if it is found in a DT_NEEDED
  entry of one of the libraries already linked.

* Added --prefix=PREFIX and --prefix-strip=LEVEL switches to objdump to
  add absolute paths for -S.

* Add new option --use-nul-prefixed-import-tables to dlltool to allow fall-
  back to old import table generation with null element prefix.

* Added --identify-strict switch to cause --identify <implib> to
  report an error when the import library is associated with
  multiple DLLs.

* Added --identify <implib> option to dlltool, which determines the
  name of the DLL associated with the specified <implib>.

* Support for PowerPC booke64 instructions has been removed.  The assembler no
  longer accepts -mbooke32 or -mbooke64 and the disassembler no longer accepts
  -Mbooke32 or -Mbooke64.  Instead, -mbooke and -Mbooke should be used.

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