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Revision 1.1 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Dec 12 12:35:21 2012 UTC (6 years, 2 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
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Update to 2.6.1, from diro in PR 47209.

Relevant ChangeLog entries since 2.5:

	* src/main.c, src/minicom.c: iconv: Handle the case that iconv
	  did not convert anything. Reported by Mike Crowe, Debian #659351.
	* src/ipc.c: Formatting cleanup.
	* src/main.c: ETIME -> ETIMEDOUT as ETIME is not available on BSDs
	* src/main.c: Fix invalid memory used, reported by Larry Baker
	* src/config.c, src/rwconf.c: Do not set modem init and reset string
	  anymore, define them empty. Instead, when editing those offer
	  them as a default.
	* src/minicom.h, src/main.c, src/dial.c: only update statusline
	  if there's a change (e.g. for updates times)
	* src/updown.c: Flush before forking helper program,
	  patch by Domen Puncer, thanks!
	* src/minicom.c, src/minicom.h, src/vt100.c: Add timestamps with
	  milliseconds, based on patch by Rapha� Ass�at, thanks!
	* src/dial.c, src/minicom.c, src/main.c: Cleanups. Print
	  basename of current device to statusline if online time is disabled.
	*, src/, src/main.c, src/minicom.c,
	  src/minicom.h, src/updown.c: Add lockdev support,
	  by Ludwig Nussel <>
	* src/dial.c: add a dialdir version 6 which does not save the
	  pointer on disk and should now work on 32 and 64 bit
	  systems equally.
	* src/script.c: Fix a buffer overflow problem. Thanks Frederic Germain.
	* src/minicom.c: Do not use iconv-functions if iconv is not available.
	* src/config.c, src/main.c, src/vt100.c, src/vt100.h: Add transmit
	  delay for every character, based on patch by Nicolas PILLON.
	* src/config.c: Do not extend tilde to home directory for
	  non-path arguments. Debian bug #621741
	*, src/ Add workaround and then use
	  libiconv for linking, fixes build issue on Mac OS X.
	* src/main.c: Increase serial port open timeout, by
	  Lubomir Rintel
	* src/main.c: Set sensible errno if port open times out,
	  by Lubomir Rintel
	* src/help.c: Help fix for timestamp toggle by Mark Einon
	* src/minicom.c: Code consolidation.
	* src/minicom.c, src/minicom.h, src/vt100.c, man/minicom.1: Make
	  line timestamps three value: every line, every second, and off.
	* man/minicom.1: Wording fix.
	* src/vt100.c: Cleanups: Delete everything that was in OLD blocks.
	  Do not explicitly set global variables to 0.
	* src/vt100.c, man/minicom.1: Change timestamp style, prepend every
	  line. Add in manpage.
	* src/dial.c src/help.c src/ipc.c src/minicom.c src/minicom.h
	  src/vt100.c src/vt100.h: Addition by Mark Einon
	  <> to add current date/time to each line.
	* src/file.c: Only enter directory if we have read permissions to
	  get directory listings, by Jan Görig.
	* src/file.c, src/getsdir.c: Cleanup and simplify.
	* man/runscript.1, man/minicom.1: Fixes by John Bradshaw
	* src/main.c: Avoid redraw of status line in Offline mode when
	  nothing changed.
	* src/minicom.c: Do not lose line wrap setting over terminal resizes.
	* src/main.c: Simplify status line update, also makes status
	  messages display the amount of time they are actually supposed
	  to display.

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