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Revision 1.3, Mon Nov 29 00:58:08 2004 UTC (15 years, 8 months ago) by tv
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.2: +3 -2 lines

Update to 0.9.8.  Fix MAINTAINER.  Changelog:

0.9.5   (Thu Sep 04 2003 18:18:04)
	64-bit integer fix (Tobias Ernst 2:2476/418).

	Allow '-' and '_' in domain names (Tobias Ernst 2:2476/418).

	"defnode" was not work correctly in 0.9.4.

	binkd/win: run() fix for no inherit open files (i.e. *.bsy).
	@command - run in background (Dima Afanasiev <da@4u.net>)

	binkd/os2-emx: run() fix

	binkd/os2: don't send hidden files from filebox

	New command-line parameter '-m' - do not use MD5 authorization.

	If remote requests file offset more then file size, touch
	the file and drop session for send it from 0 next session.

	binkd/unix: run as daemon (Alex Semenyaka <alexs@snark.rinet.ru>).

	New option skipmask in binkd.cfg - don't receive (destructive skip)
	files by specified wildcards.

	getfree() bug if free space >4G fixed.

	NTLM proxy authotization (Dima Afanasiev <da@4u.net>).

	New option bindaddr in binkd.cfg - bind to specified interface
	(Dima Afanasiev <da@4u.net>).

	Run by-file events with the same command-line once after session.

	Bugfix in ftrans (thanks to Aleksey I Zavilohin <villain@ems.ru>).

	New option inboundcase in binkd.cfg - set case style for received files
	(Kostya Falkov 2:5014/33@fidonet)

	New option deletedirs in binkd.cfg - delete empty point dirs in BSO.

	Do not send empty (60-bytes) pkt files.

	New option overwrite in binkd.cfg - overwrite older file by newer.

	Run as service under win9x (Alexander Reznikov 2:4600/220@fidonet).

	Check free space on inbox if defined.

	Fix security vulernability (DoS) (andrew clarke <mail@ozzmosis.com>).

	Assume default domain for remote 4D address.

	Do not resolve hosts if proxy or socks5 using.

	Do not give unsecure mail to secure link when send-if-pwd.

	Amiga Style Outbound (ASO) support.

	New option -sip in node string: strict IP check; host need to
	be specified, resolved and matched. For -ip option unresolved
	host is ok.

	Crypt traffic, new option -r (disable crypt).

	NR- and ND-modes can be asymmetric now, options -nr and -nd
	sets mode only for receiving files from this node.

0.9.6   (Fri Oct 28 06:02:25 EET 2003)
	Memory leak in event processing (Roman Trunov).

	Bugfixes in NT service exit (Stas Degteff).

	Some minor bugfixes.

0.9.7   (Sun Jun 15 08:22:58 EET 2004)
	Fix in client manager (poll nodes queue).

0.9.8   (Mon Nov 08 12:47:00 EET 2004)
	Fix signal handling, binkd sometimes hangs under glibc 2.3.

	Fixed memory leak.

	Fixed compilation under SuSe and OS2-emx.

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