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Revision 1.3, Sun Jul 29 05:18:37 2007 UTC (14 years, 6 months ago) by jlam
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.2: +1 -4 lines

* Add new emulator framework in pkgsrc/mk/emulator that handles all
  binary-only packages that require binary "emulation" on the native
  operating system.  Please see pkgsrc/mk/emulator/README for more

* Teach the plist framework to automatically use any existing
  PLIST.${EMUL_PLATFORM} as part of the default PLIST_SRC definition.

* Convert all of the binary-only packages in pkgsrc to use the
  emulator framework.  Most of them have been tested to install and
  deinstall correctly.  This involves the following cleanup actions:

    * Remove use of custom PLIST code and use PLIST.${EMUL_PLATFORM}
      more consistently.

    * Simplify packages by using default INSTALL and DEINSTALL scripts
      instead of custom INSTALL/DEINSTALL code.

    * Remove "SUSE_COMPAT32" and "PKG_OPTIONS.suse" from pkgsrc.
      Packages only need to state exactly which emulations they support,
      and the framework handles any i386-on-x86_64 or sparc-on-sparc64

    * Remove "USE_NATIVE_LINUX" from pkgsrc.  The framework will
      automatically detect when the package is installing on Linux.

  Specific changes to packages include:

    * Bump the PKGREVISIONs for all of the suse100* and suse91* packages
      due to changes in the +INSTALL/+DEINSTALL scripts used in all
      of the packages.

    * Remove pkgsrc/emulators/suse_linux, which is unused by any

    * cad/lc -- remove custom code to create the distinfo file for
	all supported platforms; just use "emul-fetch" and "emul-distinfo"

    * lang/Cg-compiler -- install the shared libraries under ${EMULDIR}
	instead of ${PREFIX}/lib so that compiled programs will find
	the shared libraries.

    * mail/thunderbird-bin-nightly -- update to latest binary
	distributions for supported platforms.

    * multimedia/ns-flash -- update Linux version to 9.0.48 as the
	older version is no longer available for interactive fetch.

    * security/uvscan -- set LD_LIBRARY_PATH explicitly so that
	it's not necessary to install library symlinks into

    * www/firefox-bin-flash -- update Linux version to 9.0.48 as the
	older version is no longer available for interactive fetch.

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.3 2007/07/29 05:18:37 jlam Exp $

SHA1 (lc-2.10/lc_amd64_lx24.tar.gz) = c750c470ca43047fa0ccb1029bdfc08874214491
RMD160 (lc-2.10/lc_amd64_lx24.tar.gz) = a03c53018827e13167a26f27926ebe2b3bbf5846
Size (lc-2.10/lc_amd64_lx24.tar.gz) = 1239550 bytes
SHA1 (lc-2.10/lc_doc.tar.gz) = a0a120ab7de4f8d87a9685266c0c3f22cab6f1fc
RMD160 (lc-2.10/lc_doc.tar.gz) = f943c4d8843ca8d5372b0ea4bbb42ded50023275
Size (lc-2.10/lc_doc.tar.gz) = 1494973 bytes
SHA1 (lc-2.10/lc_irix.tar.gz) = 0d197317f63276c5d695cd028bcbf0afe528d522
RMD160 (lc-2.10/lc_irix.tar.gz) = af4ed7c6a20ca2a5f9ce07345c2d5dc7074257bb
Size (lc-2.10/lc_irix.tar.gz) = 2658949 bytes
SHA1 (lc-2.10/lc_irix64.tar.gz) = cc616e039fe33e39b75680029f34730efda47494
RMD160 (lc-2.10/lc_irix64.tar.gz) = 1b72abfae4da8ec8f3e22ee6b9e027d8cc0c60d0
Size (lc-2.10/lc_irix64.tar.gz) = 2864612 bytes
SHA1 (lc-2.10/lc_linux_motif3.tar.gz) = e750aa83d3bd681abd96934fa8dcea2cf9050643
RMD160 (lc-2.10/lc_linux_motif3.tar.gz) = 9a552a217bc743bd872ac475e26207bdb1708851
Size (lc-2.10/lc_linux_motif3.tar.gz) = 8773141 bytes
SHA1 (lc-2.10/lc_solaris.tar.gz) = 5cf9fa1aac559d7d0f020fa26bb400f566fecc2c
RMD160 (lc-2.10/lc_solaris.tar.gz) = c9690a921adbcc8e3016ce7f677e1a865ddf77a2
Size (lc-2.10/lc_solaris.tar.gz) = 2779087 bytes