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Revision 1.2, Fri Nov 6 22:29:26 2009 UTC (11 years, 11 months ago) by dmcmahill
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Changes since 1.1: +4 -4 lines

Update to version 1.6.0

Besides the changes noted below, a major change in 1.6.0 is that the gEDA/gaf suite
is istributed as a single tarball and uses a single build system as opposed to individual
tarballs and builds.  In addition to greatly speeding up the build, it is much easier
to maintain.  Additionally, it rarely made sense to only install some of the components.

Notable changes in gEDA/gaf 1.6.0

* Fixed the GtkItemEntry code inside of gattrib code so that it builds
  using gtk+ > 2.16.x.

* In gschem, rubberband pin to pin connections by adding nets.

* Cleanup of the slot handling code in libgeda.

* Fixes/updates to the MinGW port.

* Updated the shipped documentation from the online wiki.

Notable changes in gEDA/gaf 1.5.3/1.5.4

* NOTE: gEDA/gaf 1.5.3 was released with some critical bugs, so
        it was withdrawn before it was widely distributed.

* Text rendering using native system fonts:

  - The various programs in gEDA/gaf no longer uses its own built-in
    line font.

  - Native system fonts are used for rendering, giving support for a
    wider range of symbols, and better looking schematics.

* Always use PostScript fonts in gschem's PostScript output.  The
  "output-text", "text-output" and "output-vector-threshold" config
  functions have been removed.

* Image rendering in 'gschem' uses cairo instead of GDK.

* Numerous build system changes:

  - gEDA/gaf is now distributed as a single source archive, called

  - GTK+ 2.10 or newer and Guile 1.8 or newer are now required.

  - `intltool' is no longer required.

  - Documentation is now installed to ${docdir} (usually

* The attribute edit dialog in `gschem' now has completion of most
  common attribute names.

* The multi-attribute edit dialog in `gschem' now shows unpromoted
  symbol attributes.

* Menu items in `gschem' now have icons and properly aligned key
  bindings. They also support accelerator keys.

* The `gschem2pcb' and `PCBboard' netlist backends have been removed.
  It is recommended to use `gsch2pcb' instead.

* Check for and reject non-footprint PCB files in 'gsch2pcb'.

* Removed unimplemented "File->Open" feature in 'gattrib'.

* Added --disable-gattrib command line flag to ./configure to disable the
  building of 'gattrib'.  This is useful if you are building against
  gtk+ 2.17.x which breaks 'gattrib'.

* 'gnetlist' does not recommend drc2 every time it runs.  The drc2
  backend is only useful in certain circumstances.

* Assign shortcuts "vd" and "vl" for changing between color schemes
  in 'gschem'.

* Fix problem with attached net attribute not being honored in 'gnetlist'.

* Focus the "save" button in the close confirmation dialog in 'gattrib' and

* Accept empty attributes in the src file in 'tragesym'.

* Cleaned up the slot dialog box in 'gschem'.

* Changed the grip size rendering in 'gschem' to be reasonably sized when
  zoomed in a lot.

* Introduction of a new attribute searching API in 'libgeda' and 'gschem'.

* Improvements and cleanup to the 'gnetlist' and 'gsymcheck' test suites.

* Fixed the following bugs:

  - 1758673: Combine source tarballs
  - 2058707: gschem, gattrib: Dangerous button focus in "Save changes"
             dialog at quit
  - 2430369: gschem: Deselect invisible attribs with their parent object.
  - 2449060: Graphic state left inconsistent cancelling from net mode
  - 2460301: libgeda: Make o_complex_promote_attribs() respect keep_invisible
             and libgeda: Make o_complex_copy() actually copy.
  - 2455061: Gnetlist output changed, and tests fail with recent GLib
  - 2655088: autogen.sh: Make sure to exit if autopoint fails.
  - 2823703: gnet-pcbpins.scm: Quote pins names if they contain comma
             or close parenthesis.
  - 2823755: gnetlist: Fix DEBUG builds.
  - 2836109: build-sys: Add check for groff html driver.

* Spanish translation were updated.

* Lots of code, infrastructure, and doxygen documentation cleanup and

Notable changes in gEDA/gaf 1.5.2

* `gschem' now uses Cairo for all rendering.  This allows for
  everything to be rendered anti-aliased.

* `gschem' now uses a mesh grid instead of dots by default.

* Net junction cues in `gschem' are drawn smaller now.

* Copy and paste now works between different `gschem' instances (using
  the X selection).

* Recent files are no longer opened in a new `gschem' window.

* Major, *backwards-incompatible* changes to color handling in
  `libgeda' and `gschem'.

  - All colors are specified using hexadecimal `#RRGGBB' or
    `#RRGGBBAA' syntax.

  - The print and display color maps are now separate.

  - A new Scheme syntax is used to inspect and modify color maps.

  - If you wish to use a light background in `gschem', add the line:

      (load (build-path geda-rc-path "gschem-colormap-lightbg"))

    to your personal or project gschemrc file.

* Attributes of embedded objects are now shown in the right color.

* Bus pins are now supported by `gschem' and `libgeda', but are *not*
  properly supported by the netlister.  The pin type can be modified
  by selecting a pin, then right-clicking it and selecting `Edit pin

* All of the symbols were modified to use overbar markup tags ("like
  \_this\_") instead of separate lines.

* Log files are now saved to $HOME/.gEDA/logs rather than being
  dropped in the current directory.

Notable changes in gEDA/gaf 1.5.1

* GTK+ version 2.8.x or later is now required.

* The selection behaviour in `gschem' was changed.

  - Lines, unfilled boxes, unfilled circles, arcs, pins, nets, and
    buses must be selected by clicking on the drawn path itself.

  - Filled boxes, circles, text, and components, may be selected by
    clicking anywhere in the bounding box.

  - The default mouse click distance required to select an element was
    increased to 10 pixels.

  - Double-clicking on a net segment selects all connected net

* The percentage step in or out while zooming the display in `gschem'
  is now configurable with the `zoom-gain' gschemrc parameter.  The
  default value is 20%.

* The size of steps when panning with the mouse wheel or with a
  trackpad in `gschem' is now adjustable with the `scrollpan-steps'
  gschemrc parameter.  The default setting scrolls in steps of 1/8 of
  a screen.

* A number of improvements were made to the `gschem' component
  selection dialog.

  - The dialog now shows a table of top-level attributes in the
    selected symbol.

  - It is now possible to expand/collapse a library by clicking
    anywhere on its row.

* Changes to fill- and line-styles in `gschem' can now be undone.

* Arcs can now be adjusted in `gschem' using an arc angle dialog.  It
  can be accessed by selecting an arc and selecting Edit->Edit.

* It is now possible to rotate objects while placing them in `gschem'.

* Support for arbitrary filled and unfilled paths, using a subset of
  the SVG path syntax.  For more information, please see the file
  format specification.

  - `gschem' does not yet provide a GUI for creating or editing path
    elements.  However, it does support rendering them.  They can also
    be printed.

  - Some of the symbols in the component library were updated to use

* A Scheme evaluation prompt was added to `gschem'.  It can be
  accessed by typing `:'.

* Improved algorithm for drawing hatched fills both on screen and in
  PostScript output.

* Color selection dialogs and menus in `gschem' now show the actual
  color as well as the description.  Color names are now translatable.

* `gattrib' now prompts to save changes.

* All of the unimplemented menu items and pages in `gattrib' were

* The `always-promote-attributes' gafrc parameter now takes a list of
  strings as an argument.  The space-delimited string syntax is

* Some optimisations were made to the `gnetlist' connection traversal
  algorithm to speed up netlisting large designs.

* A new netlist backend was added to support Liquid PCB.

* The `bom2' netlist backend now generates a `qty' column.

* Several improvements and fixes were made to the `systemc' backend.

* The `--gnetlist-arg' option to gsch2pcb can now be used to pass
  extra `gnetlist' arguments.

* `gsch2pcb' now emits files with the latest `pcb' file format.

* The `gxyrs' pick-and-place tool was added.

Notable changes in gEDA/gaf 1.5.0

* Magnetic net mode in `gschem'. Magnetic mode lets you draw nets and
  automatically connect to valid end points (such as pins and other
  nets).  The `magnetic-net-mode' gschemrc parameter can be used to
  enable/disable this feature.

* Rotating a component while moving it in `gschem' now rotates around
  the current mouse location.

* The `verilog' and `vhdl' backends now work again.

* Embedded components can now be mirrored.

* The `pads' netlist backend now uses CRLF line endings.

geda is a suite of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools
used to make electrical circuit design, simulation and prototyping/
production easier/doable.  The suite includes the gschem schematic
capture program, the gnetlist netlister, the gattrib attribute editor
along with several other utility programs.