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Revision 1.2, Thu May 31 12:48:34 2007 UTC (13 years, 6 months ago) by dmcmahill
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.1: +1 -4 lines

update to 20070526

Release notes for the gEDA/gaf 20070526 snapshot



     * libgeda's shared library version is now 29:0:0.
     * Added  "recently used files" File menu option. Now you can open up
       files  you  used recently (and if you have a gafrc your components
       should  be  found  too)  and  open  those files up in a new gschem
       window. (Ivan Stankovic)
     * Merge  of  the noscreen branch (many changes). This branch removed
       all  cached  screen  coordinates. Now all calculations are done in
       world  coordinates and should yield some drawing improvements. End
       users  should  not  notice  any  difference (other than the slight
       speed up). (Peter Clifton)
     * Many  improvements  to  the "Write image..." dialog box in gschem.
       gschem   can   now   export   any   image  that  gtk+  (gdk-pixbuf
       specifically)  can write (png, jpg, ico, bmp, etc...). Libgd is no
       longer   an   optional   dependency   and   cannot  be  used  with
       libgeda/gschem. (Carlos Nieves Onega)
     * Improved  the  auto  placing  mechanism.  One improvement (amongst
       others)  is  in  the  cases of: if the attribute overlap with pins
       (including  pinnumbers),  or  the pin connection direction where a
       net  is  supposed  to  be  drawn,  then  the  attributes are moved
       automatically. (Carlos Nieves Onega)
     * A  few  improvements  to  the  component  place selector including
       adding  ok  button  to  hide  the  component  insert  dialog box).
     * Added  items  (links to the wiki and FAQ) to the gschem help menu.
       (Peter Brett)
     * Fixed  a  nasty  bug  that was causing random crashes with keymaps
       that did not have a valid keyval/keysym. (Peter Clifton)
     * Fixed  the  drawing of dotted arcs/circles when the dot spacing is
       too small to render. (Peter Clifton)
     * Fixed  component  selector  filter to be case insensitive. (Carlos
       Nieves Onega)
     * Added  PageUp  and  PageDown  hotkeys  to  change pages in gschem.
       (Peter Brett)
     * Fixed  the  ordering  of  buttons  in  all  gtk dialog boxes to be
       correct  (based  on  what gtk+/gnome/desktop conventions). (Carlos
       Nieves Onega)
     * Added  %%Orientation  to  DSC  block  in  postscript output. (Mike
     * Fixed  color  printing  of  select  objects (should not output the
       selected color). (Peter Clifton)
     * Added  hotkeys  to  decrease  and  increase the snap grid spacing.
       (Carlos Nieves Onega and Peter Brett)
     * Improved keymap filling routines (Werner Hoch and Patrick Bernaud)
     * Fixed a couple of small memory leaks. (Ales Hvezda)
     * The usual slew of bug fixes by many individuals.
     * A bunch of code cleanup/fixes by various individuals.
     * Various language translations updated by various individuals.

     * New gnetlist backends written: Calay and Osmond. (John Doty)
     * Moved  the  loading  of  scheme  files using the "-l" command line
       before  the  schematics are loaded (this allows the scheme code to
       modify the various search paths).
     * Various  improvements  to  the  spice-sdb  backend  including  the
       treatment  of  slotted  parts  (so that pins are emitted in pinseq
       order). (Stuart Brorson)
     * Added  and improved a bunch of regression tests. The vast majority
       of  these tests are now run during make distcheck. (Stuart Brorson
       and Ales Hvezda)
     * A few bugs fixed. (Various)

     * Added doxygen generated docs. (Stuart Brorson)
     * A bunch of bugs fixed. (Stuart Brorson and Peter Clifton)

     * Removed  the  html  version of the gsch2pcb tutorial. Instead, the
       gsch2pcb  tutorial  is  now  part  of  the  wiki thanks to several
       individuals (Patrick Doyle and Bogdan Petrisor).
     * Updated  the  wiki  snapshot to the latest web wiki version. (Ales
     * Misc improvements to various wiki scripts. (Ales Hvezda)

     * Added greek mu character. (Carlos Nieves Onega)
     * Added upper case greek omega character. (Jens Persson)

     * No significant changes.

     * Added refdes_renum test suite. (Dan McMahill and Stuart Brorson)
     * Incorporated  --gentle  into  refdes_renum which doesn't overwrite
       refdes'es already numbered. (Stuart Brorson)
     * Moved  gschemdoc  to  the gschem package. Bunch of improvements to
       the    gschemdoc    script   related   to   finding   local/remote
       documentation. (Carlos Nieves Onega)

     * Fixed  automake  infrastructure  to  install  2N3904 model for the
       TwoStageAmp example. (Stuart Brorson)

   For more a detailed changes, please look in the appropriate ChangeLogs
   in the source tarballs.

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