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import gdsreader-0.3

GDSreader - simple Calma (GDSii) parser/printer tool.

This software has as target the printing/plotting/displaying of Calma (GDSii)
files without using true layout editors. I had once to visualize an unknown
Calma file and customizing LEdit or Magic (the two layout editors I had access
to) was so difficult that I decided to write this program.

Current status:
- gdsreader is in an alpha stage and you should not expect too much from it;
- the Calma files are almost completely parsed (had no layout example that
  makes use of BOX/NODE elements);
- given a Calma structure name, a PostScript file and a HPGL/2 file are
  generated. The way each layer is handled is controlled by an ASCII
  configuration file. The properties that can be set are color, fill (only
  solid is supported), hatch (simple or cross, the angle and spacing are user
  customizable too).

In order to produce an useful PostScript output, you need to write a
configuration file (default is .layers.config). The one you'll find with the
distribution is suitable for the Calma example test.gds (an actual Bandgap

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