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Revision 1.79, Mon Feb 17 20:41:58 2014 UTC (5 years, 9 months ago) by bouyer
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2014Q1-base, pkgsrc-2014Q1
Changes since 1.78: +4 -1 lines

Add kicad, kicad-doc and kicad-lib

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.79 2014/02/17 20:41:58 bouyer Exp $


SUBDIR+=	MyHDL-gplcver
SUBDIR+=	MyHDL-iverilog
SUBDIR+=	adms
SUBDIR+=	atlc
SUBDIR+=	boolean
SUBDIR+=	cascade
SUBDIR+=	cgi-wcalc
SUBDIR+=	covered
SUBDIR+=	covered-current
SUBDIR+=	dinotrace
SUBDIR+=	dinotrace-mode
SUBDIR+=	eagle
SUBDIR+=	electric
SUBDIR+=	fastcap
SUBDIR+=	fasthenry
SUBDIR+=	felt
SUBDIR+=	freehdl
SUBDIR+=	gdsreader
SUBDIR+=	geda
SUBDIR+=	gerbv
SUBDIR+=	ghdl
SUBDIR+=	gnetman
SUBDIR+=	gnucap
SUBDIR+=	gplcver
SUBDIR+=	gsmc
SUBDIR+=	gtk1-wcalc
SUBDIR+=	gtk2-wcalc
SUBDIR+=	gtkwave
SUBDIR+=	gwave
SUBDIR+=	kicad
SUBDIR+=	kicad-doc
SUBDIR+=	kicad-lib
SUBDIR+=	librecad
SUBDIR+=	libwcalc
SUBDIR+=	magic
SUBDIR+=	mcalc
SUBDIR+=	mex-wcalc
SUBDIR+=	mpac
SUBDIR+=	nelma
SUBDIR+=	ng-spice
SUBDIR+=	ntesla
SUBDIR+=	openscad
SUBDIR+=	pcb
SUBDIR+=	py-simpy
SUBDIR+=	qcad
SUBDIR+=	qcad-manual-cs
SUBDIR+=	qcad-manual-de
SUBDIR+=	qcad-manual-en
SUBDIR+=	qcad-manual-hu
SUBDIR+=	qcad-partlibrary
SUBDIR+=	sci-wcalc
SUBDIR+=	spice
SUBDIR+=	spiceprm
SUBDIR+=	stdio-wcalc
SUBDIR+=	tkgate
SUBDIR+=	tnt-mmtl
SUBDIR+=	transcalc
SUBDIR+=	verilog
SUBDIR+=	verilog-current
SUBDIR+=	verilog-mode
SUBDIR+=	vipec
SUBDIR+=	wcalc
SUBDIR+=	wcalc-docs
SUBDIR+=	xchiplogo
SUBDIR+=	xcircuit

.include "../mk/misc/category.mk"