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Note that i386 mode is the default, and point to tron@'s 2009 tech-pkg
post that explained the issues clearly.

Caution that 10.4 support is on even thinner ice with 10.7 due out.

$NetBSD: README.MacOSX,v 1.10 2011/03/05 12:36:39 gdt Exp $

Mac OS X Snow Leopard 32/64 (i386/x86_64) ABI issue:

Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) supports 64-bit binaries on most Intel
Macs and builds those by default on such machine.  This causes
problems with a lot of packages which get confused because
"MACHINE_ARCH" is set to "i386" (on a 64-bit system!).  There are also
packages that don't support 64-bit under Mac OS X at all.  Because of
this, the default for pkgsrc is use use the 32-bit ABI, which results
in packages being compiled and run in i386 mode.  For a longer
discussion, see:

Developer tools:

If you haven't already, you will need to install the Mac OS X Developer
Tools package. Depending on the version of OS X you are running, you
may have this on CD. If not, you can download it from Apple's
Developer Connection. (You will need to register for a free ADC
account.) See http://developer.apple.com/macosx/ for details.

Note for MacOS X 1.4 (Tiger) you will need to download xcode 2.5
if you intend to use gcc 4.  gcc 4.0.0 bundled with xcode 2.0 on
the desktop installation dvds builds broken pkg_install tools.

If you plan to build packages that use the X11 Window System, you will
also need to make sure you have X11 installed. OS X 10.3 (Panther)
includes X11 and X11 SDK packages on CD. If you are using an older
version of OS X, you can install the XFree86 packages instead, from

Experimental support for IBM's XL C/C++ compiler is present (tested
with version 6.0). To use it, set:


in mk.conf. XL C uses the Apple provided libtool to create shared
libraries, however, we must force it to call libtool with the full
path to avoid calling the pkgsrc provided GNU libtool with arguments
that it does not understand.

edit the template configuration file /opt/ibmcmp/vac/6.0/etc/vac.base.cfg
and set:

libtool = /usr/bin/libtool

then run:

/opt/ibmcmp/vacpp/6.0/bin/vacpp_configure -gcc /usr -install -force

as root to install the configuration.

to bootstrap with xlc, you need to make sure CFLAGS contains "-ma":

env CC=/opt/ibmcmp/vacpp/6.0/bin/xlc CFLAGS=-ma ./bootstrap

Mac OS X Versions

pkgsrc is a volunteer project, and individuals support/fix packages
and platforms as they choose.  However, pkgsrc contributors as a group
share both a bugtracker and norms about what is ok to break and what
is not.  To describe these norms, we define levels of concern, keeping
in mind that there are no guarantees:

  SUPPORTED doesn't mean that anyone is required to fix your problem; it
  means that we agree that it is broadly desireable that such problems
  be fixed and that we therefore allow them to be listed in our issue

  DEPRECATED means that individual problems are not of interest, but
  pkgsrc overall working is of enough interest to be allowed to be
  listed in the issue tracker.

  IGNORED means we are not willing to expend issue tracker resources
  (clutter for those reviewing the db) at all.

Given the above definitions, the pkgsrc developers label versions of
Mac OS X as follows:

  10.6: current, PRs may be filed.  Structurally breaking pkgsrc on 10.6
	is considered not ok.  [SUPPORTED]

  10.5: old, but PRs may still be filed.  Structurally breaking pkgsrc on
	10.5 is considered not ok. [SUPPORTED]

  10.4: very old, and individual pkg PRs may be bounced to authors to
	retest with newer versions, and closed if that doesn't happen
	in 14 days.  We will for now consider structurally breaking
	pkgsrc on 10.4 to be undesirable.  If keeping support for 10.4
	causes excessive work for maintainers it may be moved to
	IGNORED state any time, without warning. [DEPRECATED]

  10.3 and below: ancient, and PRs will be summarily closed.  It is
	acceptable to give zero consideration to causing structural
	problems on 10.3 and below. [IGNORED]

(Note that with the impending release of 10.7, it is likely that 10.4
will be moved to IGNORED.)