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gcc 3.4.6 is known to compile on IRIX 5.3

$NetBSD: README.IRIX5.3,v 1.6 2006/09/03 14:30:26 schwarz Exp $

Installing pkgsrc on IRIX 5.3 requires some preparation.
First, if necessary, get the IRIX 5.3 IDO (cc etc.) from SGI at
ftp://ftp.sgi.com/sgi/IRIX5.3/iris-development-option-5.3.tardist and
install it using IRIX's Software Manager. While you're at it you might also
want to install any missing patches from ftp://ftp.sgi.com/support/Patches/5.3.
Get ftp://ftp.mayn.de/pub/really_old_stuff/irix/ido/dev* and install the
missing dev.sw.abi and dev.sw.irix_speclibs subpackages.
Note that IRIX 5.3's ftp does not support passive ftp (to my knowledge), so
if you are behind a firewall (and you better make sure you are with IRIX
5.3!) you might need to first transfer the files to another local machine.
Furthermore, get Y2k patches from e.g.
ftp://ftp.mayn.de/pub/really_old_stuff/irix/oldstuff/ if you haven't
installed them already.

Unfortunately many of IRIX 5.3's native tools do not provide
functionalitites that pkgsrc expects. It is therefore necessary to install
the respective GNU tools for cp, grep, id, mkdir, test, touch, which,
and xargs. To avoid conflicts you might want to do so under a different
directory hierarchy than pkgsrc (in the following example /usr/local is
assumed). Obtain and install the following GNU software:
- GNU findutils (4.2.23 is known to install)
- GNU grep (2.5.1a works, but you have to apply the patch from
pkgsrc/textproc/grep/patches/patch-ab; either do so manually by editing the
appropriate source file or first install GNU patch [2.5.4 works fine]. This
will probably be fixed with later releases. You should configure GNU grep
with --disable-nls and do not bother when make stops when it cannot find
makeinfo; just proceed with make install)
- GNU coreutils (5.97 works; be sure to specify GREP=/sbin/grep for
- GNU which (2.16 works; be sure to configure with CC="cc -Xcpluscomm")

To date, pkgsrc expects the SGI IDO cc and might run into problems when
using gcc.
With IDO cc and the necessary supporting tools and development files
installed you can run bootstrap to create the essential pkgsrc tools,
notably bmake:

env CP=/usr/local/bin/cp GREP=/usr/local/bin/grep ID=/usr/local/bin/id MKDIR="/usr/local/bin/mkdir -p" TEST=/usr/local/bin/test TOUCH=/usr/local/bin/touch XARGS="/usr/local/bin/xargs -r" ./bootstrap

Add the necessary arguments such as --prefix= as necessary.
You might also want to set the CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, or LDFLAGS.
For the IDO cc CFLAGS=-O2 (or CFLAGS="-O2 -mips2" if you are using an R4K
machine) is recommended.

IRIX 5.3 IDO does not come with a C++ compiler. For packages that require
C++ you can get the GNU C++ compiler, g++, which is part of the gcc
distribution. Gcc 3.4.6 is known to bootstrap on IRIX 5.3. To activate it,
add the following lines to your mk.conf after bootstrapping: