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[TXT] bootstrap  1.173   9 years  hans   Revert nawk change.
[TXT] README.Interix  1.14   13 years  tnn   Update URLs for Documentation->docs move.
[TXT] README.Solaris  1.12   11 years  sketch   tyop
[TXT] README  1.11   12 years  reed   Mention that if the default mk.conf doesn't already exist, the example is copied...
[TXT] cleanup  1.9   11 years  billc   also cleanup for testbootstrap
[TXT] README.IRIX  1.7   11 years  dholland   fix typo
[TXT] README.IRIX5.3  1.6   14 years  schwarz   gcc 3.4.6 is known to compile on IRIX 5.3
[TXT] README.AIX  1.4   13 years  heinz   Pkgsrc bootstrap installs gzip-base on AIX automatically, thus making it unneces...
[TXT] README.FreeBSD  1.4   10 years  asau   Update information with my experience. Thanks to <riz> for reminding. While here...
[TXT] README.Linux  1.4   12 years  dmcmahill   Document the issue and workaround for missing /lib/ on some RHEL syste...
[TXT] testbootstrap  1.4   9 years  obache   Drop --ignore-case-check option from bootstrap script. pkgsrc infrastructure it...
[TXT] README.HPUX  1.3   12 years  tnn   Update URL for GCC toolchain kit.
[TXT] README.OSF1  1.3   13 years  tnn   We can nowadays bootstrap using the native compiler, so note this. g/c some obso...
[TXT] README.OpenBSD  1.3   13 years  martti   Remove trailing spaces.
[TXT] README.Haiku  1.2   10 years  obache   Update status of upstream Issue#5784.
[TXT] README.MirBSD  1.1   9 years  agc   Add support for MirBSD to pkgsrc. Patches from Benny Siegert and Thorsten Glase...

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