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[TXT] README  1.12   8 years  riz   Minor corrections, from Snader_LB on FreeNode: - capitalize ``''; - r...
[TXT] README.AIX  1.4   13 years  heinz   Pkgsrc bootstrap installs gzip-base on AIX automatically, thus making it unneces...
[TXT] README.Bitrig  1.1   5 years  sevan   Introduce preliminary support for Bitrig to pkgsrc Initial patchset to add suppo...
[TXT] README.Cygwin  1.1   7 years  obache   Add hints for bootstrap pkgsrc on Cygwin.
[TXT] README.FreeBSD  1.6   6 years  asau   Suggest placing pkgdb under prefix.
[TXT] README.GNUkFreeBSD  1.4   7 years  ryoon   Fix one more pasto.
[TXT] README.HPUX  1.5   5 years  tnn   mention installation instructions for GCC toolchains
[TXT] README.Haiku  1.3   7 years  obache   update comment to refrect current release.
[TXT] README.IRIX  1.7   11 years  dholland   fix typo
[TXT] README.IRIX5.3  1.6   14 years  schwarz   gcc 3.4.6 is known to compile on IRIX 5.3
[TXT] README.Interix  1.16   5 years  obache   remove obsolated information for bootstrap kit and binary packages.
[TXT] README.Linux  1.5   5 years  prlw1   typo
[TXT] README.Minix3  1.1   7 years  tcort   bootstrap: Minix support. OK by agc. PR pkg/45041
[TXT] README.MirBSD  1.1   9 years  agc   Add support for MirBSD to pkgsrc. Patches from Benny Siegert and Thorsten Glase...
[TXT] README.OSF1  1.4   5 years  tnn   mention installation instructions for GCC toolchains
[TXT] README.OpenBSD  1.4   5 years  rodent   Update for the OpenBSD of today. Add info on test cases. Improve wording.
[TXT] README.OpenServer5  1.2   6 years  ryoon   Remove unnecessary .
[TXT] README.Solaris  1.14   8 years  jperkin   Support GCCBASE in bootstrap, and provide a working example based on OmniOS.
[TXT] bootstrap  1.218   5 years  tron   If "/usr/bin/bash" is installed under Solaris always prefer it over the "pdksh" ...
[TXT] cleanup  1.9   11 years  billc   also cleanup for testbootstrap
[TXT] testbootstrap  1.4   9 years  obache   Drop --ignore-case-check option from bootstrap script. pkgsrc infrastructure it...

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