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[TXT] README  1.7   13 years  reed   Mention documentation that is local in pkgsrc tree. And mention about PATH, MAN...
[TXT] README.AIX  1.3   14 years  grant   wording tweaks
[TXT] README.FreeBSD  1.2   15 years  xtraeme   Update comment about supported versions, I'm using pkgsrc under FreeBSD -current...
[TXT] README.IRIX  1.5   14 years  reed   Replace references of pkgsrc/mk/ to pkgsrc/mk/defaults/mk.con...
[TXT] README.Interix  1.13   13 years  tv   Remove all the local documentation here and defer to the Guide.
[TXT] README.Linux  1.3   14 years  grant   note that icc 8.1 needs to be built with -i-static.
[TXT] README.MacOSX  1.4   14 years  grant   note that you need -ma to bootstrap with xlc.
[TXT] README.OSF1  1.1   14 years  grant   add support for Tru64, patches provided by Tobias Nygren <tnn at netilium dot or...
[TXT] README.OpenBSD  1.2   15 years  xtraeme   I'm currently using pkgsrc under OpenBSD 3.5, so update the comment about tested...
[TXT] README.Solaris  1.5   14 years  cjep   Also need tools in /usr/xpg4/bin (such as id). PR#26924.
[TXT] bootstrap  1.47   13 years  jschauma   Apply parts of a patch from Georg Schwarz to allow IRIX 6.x to bootstrap again.
[TXT] cleanup  1.8   14 years  rillig   Fixed shell quoting.
[TXT] testbootstrap  1.3   15 years  jlam   Also capture stderr to the log.

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