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Revision 1.2, Thu Feb 22 23:23:03 2007 UTC (15 years, 3 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.1: +1 -1 lines

Update to 13.0.0:

Note: flac support is not enabled because sox-13.0.0 only supports
the old obsolete API; pkgsrc has newer flac.


  File formats:

  o Support for .caf, .paf, .fap, .nist, .w64, .nist, Matlab 4.2/5.0
    (Octave 2.0/2.1), .pvf, .sds, .sd2 and .xi file formats via libsndfile.
    If available, libsndfile can also be used to handle all the other file
    formats it understands.  (Reuben Thomas)
  o Add FLAC support (
  o Support Maxis's XA format. (Dwayne C. Litzenberger)
  o Add support for 24-bit PCM raw, wav (WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE) [FR# 801015],
    au, aiff, & flac files. (robs)
  o Add AIFF-C output support.  (shashimoto)
  o New .ima file format for raw IMA ADPCM.  (robs)
  o Allow the rate and number of channels of .au files to be overridden
    by command-line arguments. (
  o Add seek support for GSM data in WAV files. Rafal Maszkowski
  o Allow encoding quality to be specified (FLAC & Ogg, but not
    MP3 yet).  (robs)
  o Rename -b to -1, -w to -2, -l to -4, -d to -8, and mask to dither.
  o New options for specifying endianness (and separate options for
    nibble & bit reversal) [FR# 1621702].  (robs)
  o Improved multi-channel file reading; fixes [1599990].  (robs)


  o Equalizer effect (Pascal Giard)
  o bass and treble altering effects.  (robs)
  o New optional rabbit resample routine, using libsamplerate
    (aka Secret Rabbit Code).  (Reuben Thomas)
  o Added allpass filter effect.  (robs)
  o Documented the butterworth filter effects; added variable Q.  (robs)
  o "rate" effect made an alias for "resample".
  o Visualisation of various filters' frequency response via Octave.  (robs)
  o Can now specify width of many 2nd-order filters as: Hz, octaves,
    or Q.  (robs)
  o Dither/mask amount now specifiable.  (robs)
  o Consistent (and hopefully complete) clipping detection and
    reporting.  (robs)
  o Allow command-line time parameters of < 1 sec to omit the
    leading 0. (robs)
  o Improved synth usage and improved the synth entry in the man-
    page.  (robs)
  o Higher quality audio speed adjustment; also fixes [1155364].  (robs)
  o Replacement flanger effect; also fixes [1393245].  (robs)
  o Added silence padding effect.  (robs)
  o Added ability for noiseprof to use stdout and noisered to use stdin
    [FR# 1621694].  (Reuben Thomas)
  o vibro effect name deprecated in favour of tremolo; this effect
    reimplemented as a special case of synth.  (robs)

  Other new features:

  o Remove soxmix.  (Reuben Thomas)
  o Preview mode now removed, as all it did was use rate rather than
    resample, and rate has been removed.
  o -V now gives only user-relevant messages, use -V -V to get
    developer-relevant messages.  (robs)
  o -V output much improved and expanded; now includes display of
    (auto-)selected effects.  (robs)
  o sox man-page overhaul, new soxexam man-page entries.  (robs)
  o Added command line options for specifying the output file
    comment.  (robs)
  o Added ability to merge e.g. 2 mono files to 1 stereo file
    [FR# 1297076].  (robs)
  o Removed the restrictions whereby multiple input files had to have
    the same data encoding & size, and in most situations where they
    had to have the same # of channels, and for play where they had
    to have the same sampling-rate.  (robs)
  o Options to apply replay-gain on input; enabled by default
    with `play'.  (robs)
  o Can now use Ctrl-C to skip to next track when playing multiple
    files (e.g. play *.mp3); Ctrl-C twice to exit.  (robs)
  o Added --interactive option to prompt to overwrite pre-existing
    output file.  (robs)
  o Added large file support.  (Reuben Thomas)

  Bug fixes:

  o Fix writing MP3 files on AMD64 processors.
  o More fixes to MP3 tag reading.  Sometimes tags were
    detected as valid MP3 frames.
  o Fix to stop, avoiding a crash, when starting of effects fails.
    (Reuben Thomas)
  o Fixed a bug introduced in 12.18.2 that stopped the draining
    of effects from occuring.  This had stopped the reverse effect,
    among others, from working.  (Reuben Thomas)
  o Several effects are now optimised out in situations where they need
    do nothing, e.g. changing rate from 8000 to 8000, or changing volume
    by 0dB [Bug# 1395781].  (robs)
  o Fix rounding error when reading command-line time
    parameters. (robs)
  o Fix nul file hander ignoring other format options if rate
    option has not been given. (robs)
  o Fix synth length accuracy. (robs)
  o Fix broken audio when downmixing with any of the following
    effects: synth, deemph, vibro. (robs)
  o Fixed deemph & earwax effects to work with MP3, vorbis,
    & FLAC.  (robs)
  o Fix wav file handler discarding the last PCM sample in certain
    circumstances. (robs)
  o Fix [1627972] AIFF read bug when MARK chunk present.  (Richard Fuller)
  o Fix [1160154] VOX to WAV conversion problem.  (robs)
  o Removed (for output file only) the potentially
    problematic -v option.  Use the vol effect instead.  (robs)
  o Improved the accuracy of integer and floating point PCM
    conversions.  (robs)
  o Don't go into a loop on zero-padded WAVs.  (Jorge Serna)
  o Fix to AIFF writing to avoid writing invalid files in some situations.
    (Reuben Thomas)
  o Fix compander effect bugs: [1613030] Compand fails to compress
    clipping, [1181423] compand with 0 sec attack/release.  (robs)

  Internal improvements:

  o More and better self-tests. (
  o Build system overhaul to use the full set of GNU autotools.
    (Reuben Thomas)
  o Add new getopt1.c to win32 project file.
  o Remove old, optional rate change and alaw/ulaw conversion code.
    (Reuben Thomas)
  o Removed the old internally invoked (but mentioned in the man page)
    copy effect.  (robs)

  o Adding in Debian's disk full fix (#313206).
  o Finally got rid of reference to cleanup() function in
    library.  Applications are now required to detect
    all failures from return codes and cleanup as they
  o Changed how list of formats and effects are stored internally.
    Effects libst users only. Dirk
  o Store effects usage so that its accessable by applications.
  o Modify the synth effect to not use SIGINT to stop processing
    and instead return ST_EOF.  This allows exact acount of
    samples to be written out instead of an approximate amount.
  o Fix hangup when attempting to write stereo MP3 files.
    (1512218) Kendrick Shaw
  o Deemp effect would lose stereo separation. (1479249)
  o Adding cross-platform support for getopt_long
  o Make help screens print much more information and add
    new --help-effect option.  (Originally from Dirk).
  o Add support for using an external gsm library instead of
    just the internal one.  Vladimir Nadvornik
  o Updates to nul file handler to prevent crashes during output.
    Martin Panter (1482869)

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