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Revision 1.5, Sat Nov 30 13:40:29 2019 UTC (7 weeks, 6 days ago) by nia
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pkgsrc-2019Q4-base, pkgsrc-2019Q4, HEAD
Changes since 1.4: +7 -6 lines

openal-soft: Update to 1.20.0

pkgsrc changes:

- Support more audio backends.


    Converted the library codebase to C++11. A lot of hacks and custom
    structures have been replaced with standard or cleaner implementations.

    Partially implemented the Vocal Morpher effect.

    Fixed the bsinc SSE resamplers on non-GCC compilers.

    Fixed OpenSL capture.

    Fixed support for extended capture formats with OpenSL.

    Fixed handling of WASAPI not reporting a default device.

    Fixed performance problems relating to semaphores on macOS.

    Modified the bsinc12 resampler's transition band to better avoid aliasing

    Modified alcResetDeviceSOFT to attempt recovery of disconnected devices.

    Modified the virtual speaker layout for HRTF B-Format decoding.

    Modified the PulseAudio backend to use a custom processing loop.

    Renamed the makehrtf utility to makemhr.

    Improved the efficiency of the bsinc resamplers when up-sampling.

    Improved the quality of the bsinc resamplers slightly.

    Improved the efficiency of the HRTF filters.

    Improved the HRTF B-Format decoder coefficient generation.

    Improved reverb feedback fading to be more consistent with pan fading.

    Improved handling of sources that end prematurely, avoiding loud clicks.

    Improved the performance of some reverb processing loops.

    Added fast_bsinc12 and 24 resamplers that improve efficiency at the cost of
    some quality. Notably, down-sampling has less smooth pitch ramping.

    Added support for SOFA input files with makemhr.

    Added a build option to use pre-built native tools. For cross-compiling,
    use with caution and ensure the native tools' binaries are kept up-to-date.

    Added an adjust-latency config option for the PulseAudio backend.

    Added basic support for multi-field HRTFs.

    Added an option for mixing first- or second-order B-Format with HRTF
    output. This can improve HRTF performance given a number of sources.

    Added an RC file for proper DLL version information.

    Disabled some old KDE workarounds by default. Specifically, PulseAudio
    streams can now be moved (KDE may try to move them after opening).

$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.5 2019/11/30 13:40:29 nia Exp $

SHA1 (openal-soft-1.20.0.tar.bz2) = 7fade24f33d8dc7cdb1ea436aaf1f8d70afe1f9b
RMD160 (openal-soft-1.20.0.tar.bz2) = 253119892e7854621db07b4200e35643c4ec3651
SHA512 (openal-soft-1.20.0.tar.bz2) = 7b103ffeeb8a6541d4bd31245ca5e34fec27d121fe04c21655480fb3907604f4171f912411f1e49622ec27db79d6cb85eb452ed78523abc906f18af57ffb755e
Size (openal-soft-1.20.0.tar.bz2) = 587550 bytes
SHA1 (patch-alc_alconfig.cpp) = 0539016dadf1827e5a86700c2db5a96479a8b70d
SHA1 (patch-alc_backends_alsa.cpp) = 3ee7f86e544d9b33ccbe9422eb87b9540623053a