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Revision 1.17, Sat Jan 28 13:15:32 2012 UTC (7 years, 7 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.16: +6 -5 lines

Update to 1.1.5.

pkgsrc: Not switched to cmake, no libaudiofile dependency.


  * Autotools build resulted in the wrong version number for libfluidsynth.so (reported by plcl, Takashi Iwai)
  * One symbol was dropped from libfluidsynth.so - this symbol was not part of the public API though. (reported by Alessio Treglia)
  * Windows 64 bit: Wrong prototype declaration for MIDI (reported by Graham Goode)
  * JACK: Using jack_free instead of free when needed. Note that this might require a later version of JACK than previously. (reported
    by Graham Goode)
  * Update Free Software Foundation address (reported by ogetbilo)


  * Several improvements and fixes to the CMake build system, especially for Mac OS X
  * Several bug fixes to the engine, notably quite a few which could cause FluidSynth to sound bad in some cases.
  * API additions, that make it possible to
       * load MIDI files from memory
       * to inspect/modify MIDI events as they are being played from a MIDI file
       * to change channels between melodic and drum mode
       * and to silence all notes in one command.
  * Improvements to the CoreAudio driver


* Compilation with LADSPA enabled was broken in 1.1.2 - fixed (plcl, diwic)
* Multichannel output broken when double precision was used - fixed (plcl, diwic)
* Doxygen settings (plcl)
* Mac OS X build system fixes (plcl, Benjamin Reed, Jean-Franc,ois Mertens)
* Fix build problem with scummvm (Alexander Hansen, Ebrahim Mayat)
* Optimize by not starting unused threads with multicore rendering (diwic)
* Window handle creation/destruction in Windows dll version (Andy Fillebrown)
* Race condition in alsa_seq / alsa_raw drivers caused them not to quit (diwic)


Big changes:

  * New CMake build system [plcl]
       * Winbuild and Macbuild directories dropped
       * Autotools build system is deprecated, but is still working
  * Rewriting of thread safety [diwic]
       * Two new settings control the thread safety mode. The default is to be backwards compatible.

Smaller changes:

  * Voice overflow settings [diwic]
  * Possible to update polyphony, up to 65536 (and beyond initial setting) [diwic]
  * Possible to update sample rate (jack driver updates sample rate correctly) [diwic]
  * MIDI Bank Select handling fixed [plcl]
  * Source files moved into different subdirectories [diwic]
  * Can use RealTimeKit (on Linux) to get real-time priority [diwic]
  * Shell commands for pitch bend and pitch bend range [monk]
  * PulseAudio driver: specify media role, and allow pulseaudio to adjust latency [diwic]
  * Bug fixes [diwic, plcl, KO Myung hun, Felix Krause, laurent, nshepperd]

Bug fixes

     * Recommit fix for voice stealing algorithm (David Henningsson)
     * Update deltatime on midi file load, ticket #59 (David Henningsson and Josh Green, reported by Hans Petter Selasky)
     * Build fix on OS X 10.4 (David Fang and Ebrahim Mayat)
     * Fixed most asynchronous assignment/query regressions affecting QSynth (chorus, reverb, polyphony, MIDI CCs and presets) (Josh Green,
       reports and testing by Rui Nuno Capela)
     * Reverted queuing of chorus and reverb assignments which fixes real-time performance issues when changing values (Josh Green)
     * Fixed issue with audio thread changes affecting CoreAudio on OS X (Josh Green, reported by Ebrahim Mayat)
     * Improved SMP safety with CC MIDI controls, polyphony, modulators and synth gain (Josh Green)
     * Fixed crash bugs in fluid_timer functions (Josh Green)
     * Reverted char * -> const char * changes to function prototypes (Josh Green, reported by Rui Nuno Capela)
     * Fixed TCP server build issue where WITHOUT_SERVER was still being set on win32 (Josh Green)
     * Fixed crash when Jack driver was re-created (Josh Green)
     * Fixed unknown macro warning in FluidSynth man page (David Henningsson)


     * Return queue process is now a thread instead of a timer and more responsive (Josh Green)
     * Added missing dist files in doc/ (Josh Green)
     * Updated README-OSX (Ebrahim Mayat)

Features and improvements

     * Extensive work on making FluidSynth more thread safe, resulting in better stability.
     * Audio file rendering for MIDI to audio file conversion, faster than realtime (#15).
     * Optional libsndfile support for file rendering in different audio file formats (wav, flac, ogg vorbis, etc) (#30).
     * Audio and MIDI are synchronized for MIDI file playback.
     * Server can be specified for Jack audio and MIDI drivers.
     * Jack audio and MIDI is now synchronized (when same Jack server used).
     * MIDI file playback is now timed correctly, even with large audio buffer sizes.
     * Fixed issue with missing percussion in MIDI files caused by very short notes, using synth.min-note-length setting (#1).
     * Improved support for MIDI tuning standard, including SYSEX support and realtime tuning activation.
     * Multi-core support for utilizing multiple CPUs for synthesis or increasing speed of file rendering.
     * Voices for a note-on event are started synchronously (#46).
     * TCP/IP shell server support for windows (#20).
     * Improved settings output (-o help) (alphabetically sorted and string options listed).
     * Audio driver (-a) and MIDI driver (-m) options now accept "help" and list available options (#41).
     * Added audio.realtime-prio and midi.realtime-prio for controlling realtime scheduling of some audio and MIDI drivers.
     * Default priority levels of audio and MIDI threads set to 60 and 50 respectively.
     * All yes/no string boolean settings converted to integer toggle settings (with backwards compatibility).
     * glib is now a required dependency.
     * Updated README-OSX
     * Added "voice_count" shell command for getting current number of active voices.

New command line options

     * -F, --fast-render=[file]
     * -T, --audio-file-type
     * -O, --audio-file-format
     * -E, --audio-file-endian

New or changed parameters

     * Audio file output settings: audio.file.endian, audio.file.format, audio.file.name, audio.file.type, audio.sample-format
     * Realtime scheduling settings: audio.realtime-prio, midi.realtime-prio
     * Jack settings: audio.jack.server and midi.jack.server
     * Other settings: player.reset-synth, player.timing-source, synth.cpu-cores (experimental), synth.min-note-length

Bug fixes and minor changes

     * Fixed enabling of high priority scheduling in many audio drivers.
     * Fixed bank selection logic
     * Build fixes for mingw and VC++ builds on Windows
     * Fix default values (after MIDI reset) to be more consistent with MIDI spec (#29).
     * Removed VintageDreamsWaves?-v2.sf2 since it wasn't under a free license.
     * Solaris build fix (#52)
     * Implemented fluid_player_set_loop (#33)
     * Fixed scaletune error (#26)
     * Fixed synth reset between songs (#31)
     * Fixed pitch bend error in Windows MIDI driver (#54)
     * Skip remaining track data in MIDI file after EOT (#53)
     * Bug fix in MIDI router where mutex was left locked with MIDI system reset message.
     * Help command now shows list of topics instead of General help.
     * Fixed non-blocking in alsa_raw, alsa_seq and OSS MIDI drivers.
     * Fixed segfault on config file load (#45).

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.17 2012/01/28 13:15:32 wiz Exp $

DISTNAME=	fluidsynth-1.1.5

MAINTAINER=	pkgsrc-users@NetBSD.org
HOMEPAGE=	http://www.fluidsynth.org/
COMMENT=	Software synthesizer based on SoundFont2
LICENSE=	gnu-lgpl-v2

PKG_INSTALLATION_TYPES=	overwrite pkgviews

USE_TOOLS+=		pkg-config
PKGCONFIG_OVERRIDE=	fluidsynth.pc.in


CPPFLAGS.SunOS+=	-Du_int8_t=uint8_t -Du_int16_t=uint16_t
CPPFLAGS.SunOS+=	-Du_int32_t=uint32_t -Du_int64_t=uint64_t
LIBS.SunOS+=		-lsocket

.include "../../devel/glib2/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../devel/libgetopt/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../devel/readline/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../mk/oss.buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../mk/pthread.buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../mk/bsd.pkg.mk"