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Revision 1.6, Sun Jan 7 19:53:16 2018 UTC (2 years, 1 month ago) by rillig
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Changes since 1.5: +4 -1 lines

Moved the documentation where it belongs. Bumped PKGREVISION.

While here, fixed the remaining pkglint warnings.

$NetBSD: patch-aa,v 1.6 2018/01/07 19:53:16 rillig Exp $

This man page has been offered to the upstream author, but the package
is discontinued, so it will probably not be integrated.

--- /dev/null	Fri Dec 13 19:19:07 2002
+++ bladeenc.1	Fri Dec 13 19:31:00 2002
@@ -0,0 +1,274 @@
+.TH BLADEENC 1 "November 25th, 2001" "" "MP3 User's Manual" 
+bladeenc \- LGPL'd MP3 encoder
+[ \fIOPTION\fR... ] [ \fIWAV\-FILE\fR... ] 
+\fBbladeenc\fR is a free, cross\-platform,
+console\-based MP3 encoder, based on the ISO reference code. It is mostly
+intended for high quality encoding in high bitrates.
+\fBbladeenc\fR is a console application that takes
+its parameters from the commandline. Any number of WAV/AIFF\-files
+can be specified on the commandline and you can even use wildcards
+to specify more than one file at the same time.
+Long filenames are
+supported when entering them on the commandline, but if they include
+space\-characters you will have to enclose the with quotation\-marks 
+( " ).
+Switches can be entered on the commandline together with the filenames.
+In earlier versions of \fBBladeEnc\fR it didn't matter 
+where you put the switches since they always affected all files anyway,
+but from \fBBladeEnc\fR 0.80 this has changed in order
+to give you more flexibility.
+You can get a list of all valid arguments by running \fBBladeEnc\fR
+without any commandline arguments.
+A summary of the options
+supported by \fBbladeenc\fR
+is included below.
+.\" Begin List
+\fB\-[\fR\fIbitrate\fR], \fB\-br [\fR\fIbitrate\fR]
+Defines the bitrate for the MP3\-file. Higher bitrates gives better quality,
+but also bigger files. Most people prefer to generate 128 kBit MP3s. Please
+note that it's the total bitrate that is specified, so if you're generating a
+stereo MP3\-file at 128 kBit you get 64 kBit for left channel and 64 kBit for
+the right channel. The default setting is 128 kBit for stereo files and 64
+kBit for mono files.
+Allowed bitrates are: 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 80, 96, 112,
+128, 160, 192, 224, 256 and 320.
+Concatenates the output generated from this file to the last mp3
+generated, thus making one mp3 file from two or more sample
+files. This option also automatically enables
+Adds checksum data to each frame in the MP3 file. The checksum
+data is useful for error\-correction when streaming the MP3 in
+realtime over internet (as done by internet radio stations). It
+lowers the quality of the sound slightly since the checksum data
+also needs to fit in the specified bitrate and is not needed for
+normal use.
+\fB\-del, \-delete\fR
+The WAV\-file is automatically deleted after having been encoded.
+Be careful with this switch because the WAV\-file is deleted even
+if the encoding process failed (for example due to insufficient
+drive space).
+\fB\-dm, \-mono\fR
+Downmixes stereo input files to mono before they are compressed,
+thus generating mono MP3 files. This switch does nothing if the
+input file already is mono.
+\fB\-lm, \-leftmono\fR
+Takes only the left channel of the input file and encodes it
+into a mono MP3. If the input file is mono it will be compressed
+as it is.
+\fB\-rm, \-rightmono\fR
+Takes only the right channel of the input file and encodes it
+into a mono MP3. If the input file is mono it will be compressed
+as it is.
+Swaps the left and right channels of stereo input files before
+encoding them.
+\fB\-p, \-private\fR
+Sets the private\-flag in the MP3\-file, specifying that this is a
+private MP3. As far as I know there is no program that treats
+private MP3's differently from normal ones so it is practically
+Setting this flag doesn't affect the encoding time, file size or
+quality in any way, so set it if it makes you happy.
+\fB\-c, \-copyright\fR
+Sets the copyright\-flag in the MP3\-file, specifying that this is
+a copyrighted MP3. As far as I know there is no program that
+treats copyrighted MP3's differently from normal ones so it is
+practically useless.
+Setting this flag doesn't affect the encoding time, file size or
+quality in any way, so set it if it makes you happy.
+This switch clears the MP3 file's original\-flag that is set by
+default from version 0.50 of \fBbladeenc\fR.
+Setting this flag doesn't affect the encoding time, file size or
+quality in any way, so set it if it makes you happy.
+Prevents \fBbladeenc\fR from doing any screen output, except for error
+messages. This is mostly useful if you want to run bladeenc as a
+background process on UNIX systems. The screen output takes
+nearly no time at all, so you won't even save 1% by disabling
+screen output. This switch is global only.
+\fB\-q, \-quit\fR
+Makes \fBbladeenc\fR quit automatically when all files have been
+encoded. Normally \fBbladeenc\fR waits for someone to press RETURN
+before quitting. This switch is global only.
+Specifies an output path for the encoded files. Normally the MP3
+files ends up in the same directory as their corresponding
+WAV\-files resides in, but using this switch you can get them to
+end up wherever you like. This switch is global only.
+Changes the task priority of \fBbladeenc\fR. Valid settings are
+default set to LOWEST priority which basically means that
+BladeEnc functions fine in the background without disturbing or
+slowing down any other program. Linux/Unix users can also
+specify prio in the normal unix range of \-20 to +20.This switch
+is global only. This setting is not available in all ports.
+Specifies the frequency for raw samples in hertz. Default is 44100.
+Specifies the number of bits for each sample in a raw sample
+file. Allowed values are 8 and 16. Default is 16.
+Specifies that raw samples are mono, not stereo.
+Specifies that raw samples are stereo, not mono. This
+is default, so you won't have to use this switch unless you want to override a
+global \-rawmono switch.
+Specifies that raw samples are signed, i.e. contains values in
+the range \-32768 to +32767 (16\-bit samples) or \-128 to +127
+(8\-bit samples). This is default, so you won't have to use this
+switch unless you want to override a global \-rawunsigned switch.
+Specifies that raw samples are unsigned, i.e. contains values in
+the range 0 to 65535 (16\-bit samples) or 0 to 255 (8\-bit samples).
+Specifies the byteorder of raw samples. LITTLE gives
+LITTLE_ENDIAN (Intel x86 style) and BIG gives BIG_ENDIAN
+(Motorola style). Default is whatever is the native byteorder
+for your system, so hopefully you won't have to use this switch.
+Specifies the number of channels in a raw sample. \-rawchannels=1
+gives the same result as \-rawmono and \-rawchannels=2 give the
+same result as \-rawstereo. Default is 2.
+Ignore whatever is specified in the config file. This switch is global only.
+This switch is not supported anymore. It became superfluous due
+to internal changes. \fBbladeenc\fR still understands (but ignores) it
+for compatibility reasons.
+Specifies which of the 7 available progress indicators to use or
+turns the progress indicator off if set to 0. The default
+progress indicator is number 1. Changing the progress indicator
+doesn't affect the encoding in any way it just lets you
+configure the look of \fBbladeenc\fR a little bit according to your
+own taste:
+.IP 0 3
+Percentage and ETA shown for file and batch
+.IP 1 3
+Long bar for file progress.
+.IP 2 3
+Long bar for batch progress.
+.IP 3 3
+Short bars for file and batch progress.
+.IP 4 3
+Samples done/total for file and batch.
+.IP 5 3
+ETA shown for file and batch.
+.IP 6 3
+Seconds of MP3 generated from file (default for
+RAW samples).
+.IP 7 3
+Alternative long bar for file progress. Doesn't rewind
+cursor so it produces less output and works well when
+redirecting program output to a file.
+If a RAW sample is included in the batch you automatically gets
+progress indicator 7 for technical reasons. This switch is
+global only.
+Specifies that there should be no audiable gap between this and
+the next sample if they are played after each other. Useful when
+encoding records where the tracks blend into each other, but can
+cause unwanted side effects otherwise. Please see the section
+"Gapless encoding" below for more information.
+Sorts the specified input files according to filename before
+encoding them. Useful when using the \-nogap switch combined with
+wildcards since it's critical that the tracks are encoded in the
+right order when doing gapless encoding. This switch is global
+.\" End List
+.\" Begin List
+The default settings of \fBbladeenc\fR can be changed in the configuration file. 
+The config file contains the same kind of switches as you enter on the commandline, separated by
+one or more spaces, tabs or newlines.
+Anything placed after a '#' until the end of the line is believed to be a comment and is ignored.
+The switches in the configuration file are simply appended to the beginning of the commandline
+before it is parsed.
+Anything typed on the commandline has higher priority than what is in the configuration file, so
+the default settings can easily be overriden from the commandline.
+If the \-nocfg switch is entered on the commandline the configuration file will be ignored. The
+\-nocfg switch is not allowed in the configuration file.
+.\" End List
+Please report bugs to the author.
+lame(1), grip(1), l3enc(1)
+This program is documented in greater detail on the projects
+http://bladeenc.mp3.no/ (Link to \fIhttp://bladeenc.mp3.no/\fR)
+Tord Jansson <tord.jansson@swipnet.se>
+This man\-page was written by Jan Schaumann <jschauma@netmeister.org>.