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Revision 1.2 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun May 3 14:29:15 2009 UTC (10 years, 7 months ago) by abs
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Changes since 1.1: +4 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.1 (unified)

Updated audio/ampache to 3.5beta2 - updated to beta as fixes some iconv
related issues on NetBSD

  v.3.5-Beta2 04/07/2009
	- Fix ASX playlists so more data shows up in WMP (Thx Jon611)
	- Fix dynamic playlist items so they work in stream methods again
	- Fixed Recently played so that it correctly shows unique songs
		with the correct data
	- Fix some issues with filenames with Multi-byte characters
		(Thx Momo-i)
	- Add WMV/MPG specific parsing functions (Thx Momo-i)
	- Add text to /test.php for hash() and SHA256() support under PHP
	- Fix SHA256 Support so that it references something that exists
	- Fix incorrect debug_event() on login due to typo
	- Remove manage democratic playlist as it has no meaning in the
		current version
	- Run Dba::reset_db_charset() after upgrade incase people are playing
		hot potato with their charsets.
	- Move Server Preferences to Admin menu (Thx geekdawg)
	- Fixed missing web_path reference on radio creation link
	- Fixed remote catalog_clean not working
	- Fixed xmlrpc get image. getEncoding wasn't static

  v.3.5-Beta1 03/15/2009
	- Add democratic methods to api, can now vote, devote, get url
		and the current democratic playlist through the api
	- Revert to old Random Play method
	- Added proxy use for xmlrpcclient
	- Added Configuration 'Wizard' for democratic play
	- Fixed interface feedback issues with democratic play actions
	- Add extension to image urls for the API will add to others as
		needed due to additional query requirement. Needed to fix
		some DLNA devices
	- Fixed typo that caused the height of album art not to display
	- Modified database and added GC for tmp_browse table
	- Added get lyrics and album art using http proxy server #313
		+ username, password patch
	- Added lyricswiki link Ticket #70
	- Updated README language
	- Updated getid3 library 2.0.0b4 to 2.0.0b5
	- Make the Democratic playlist be assoicated with the user
		who sends it to a 'player'
	- Fixed missing page headers on democratic playlist
	- Show who voted for the sogns on democratic playlist
	- Increase default stream length to account for the fact that movies
		are a good bit longer then songs
	- Correct Issues with multi-byte characters in Lyrics (Thx Momo-i)
	- Added caching to Video
	- Added Video calls to the API
	- Remove redundent code from Browse class by making it extend
		nwe Query class
	- Update Prototype to
	- Add Time range to advanced search
	- Add sorting to Video Browse
	- Changed to new Query backend for Browsing and Dynamic Playlists

  v.3.5-Alpha2 03/08/2009
	- Fixed caching of objects with no return value
	- Fixed updating of songs that should not be updated during catalog
	- Added default_user_level config option that allows you to define
		the user level when use_auth is false. Also allows manual
		login of admin users when use_auth is false.
	- Fix Version checking and Version Error Message on install (Thx Paleo)
	- Moved Statistics to main menu, split out newest/popular/stats
	- Fixed bug where saved Thumbnails were almost never used
	- Fixed Localplay HTTPQ and MPD controls to reconize Live Stream
	- Added Localplay controls to API
	- Added Added/Updated filters to API include the ability to specify
		a date range using ISO 8601 format with [START]/[END]
	- Changed API Date format to ISO 8601
	- Fixed Incorrect Caching of Album records that caused the
		Name + Year + Disk to not be respected
	- Added Lyrics Patch (Thx alister55 & momo-i)
	- Fixed password not updating when editing an HTTPQ localplay
	- Added Video support
	- Fixed normalize tracks not re-displaying playlist correctly
	- Fixed now playing now showing currently playing song
	- Fixed now playing clear all not correctly refreshing screen
	- Fixed adding object to playlist so that it correctly shows the
		songs rather then an empty playlist
	- Added User Agent to IP History information gathering
	- Added Access Control List Wizards to make API interface
		setup easier
	- Added IPv6 support for Access Control, Sessions, IP History
	- Fixed sorting issue on artist when using search method
	- Updated flash player to 5.9.5
	- Fixed bug where you admins couldn't edit preferences of
		users due to missing 'key' on form
	- Added Mime type to Song XML

  v.3.5-Alpha1 12/31/2008
	- Fixed sort_files script so that it properly handles variable
		album art file names in the directories
	- Fixed issue where small thumbnails were used for larger images
		if gd based resizing was enabled in the config
	- Fixed so it doesn't produce errors
	- Made democratic play respect force http play
	- Make installation error messages more helpful
	- Added Swedish (sv_SE) translation (Thanks yeager)
	- Allow Add / Verify of sub directories of existing catalogs
	- Prevent an fread of 0 bytes if you seek to the end of a file
	- Added require_localnet_session config that allows you to exclude
		IP(s) from session checks, see config.dist
	- Added Nusoap ( library
		for use with future lyrics feature
	- Fixed problem with flash player where random urls were not being
		added correctly
	- Fixed problem with user creation using old method (Thx Purdyk)
	- Switched to SHA256() for API and Passwords
	- Added check for BADTIME error code from Last.FM and correctly
		return the error rather then a generic one
	- Fix http auth session issues, where every request blew away the
		old session information
	- Many other minor improvements (Thx Dipsol)
	- Fixed warnings in caching code (Thx Dipsol)
	- Massive text cleanup (Thx Dipsol)
	- Fixed tag searching and improved some other search methods to
		prevent SQL warnings on no results
	- Improved Test page checks to more accuratly verify putENV support
	- Make network downsampling a little more sane, don't require
		access level
	- Added caching to Playlist dropdown
	- Fixed double caching on some objects
	- Added base.css and 4 tag 'font' sizes depending on weight/count
	- Fixed inline song edit
	- Updated registration multi-byte mail.
	- Fixed vainfo.class.php didn't catch exception for first analyze.
	- Fixed iconv() returns an empty strings (Thx abs0)
	- Updated getid3 for multi-byte characters, but some wrong id3tags
		have occurred exception error.
        - Fixed use_auth = false not correctly re-creating the session if
                you had just switched from use_auth = true
	- Add links to RSS feeds and set default to TRUE in config.dist
        - Fixed Dynamic Random/Related URLs with players that always send
                a byte offset (MPD)
	- Added Checkbox to use existing Database
	- Updated language code and Fixed catalan language code
	- Added Emulate gettext() from upgradephp-15
	- Fixed Test.php parse error.
	- Updated multibyte character strings mail.
	- Fixed To send mail don't remove the last comma from recipient.
	- Updated More translatable templates.
	- Removed and Add LANGLIST (each languages
		translation statistics).
	- Fixed If database name don't named ampache, can't renamed tags
		to tag.
	- Fixed count issue on browse Artists (Thx Sylvander)
	- Fixed prevent_multiple_logins, preventing all logins (Thx hugh)
	- Fixed Export catalog headers so it corretly prompts you to download
		the file
	- Add ability to sort by artist name, album name on song browse
	- Implemented caching on artist and album browse, added total
		artist time to the many artist view
	- Fixed test config page so it bounces you back to the test page
		if the config starts parsing correctly
	- Fixed browsing so that you can browse two different types in two
		windows at the same time
	- Improved gather script for translations (Thx momo-i)
	- Added paging to the localplay playlist
	- Updated German Translation (Thx Laurent)
	- Fixed issue where Remote songs would never be removed from
		the democratic playlist
	- Fixed issue where user preferences weren't set correctly
		on stream (Thx lorijho)
	- Added caching of user preferences to avoid a SQL query on load
		(Thx Protagonist)
	- Fixed home menu not always displaying the entire contents
	- Fixed logic error with duplicate login setting which caused it
		to only work if mysql auth was used
	- Changed Passwords to SHA1 will prompt to reset password
        - Corrected some translation strings and added jp_JP (Thx momo-i)
	- Ignore filenames that start with . (hidden) solves an issue
		with mac filesystems
	- Fix tracking of stats for downloaded songs
	- Fix divide by 0 error during transcode in some configurations
	- Remove root mysql pw requirement from installer
	- Added Image Dimensions on Find Album Art page
	- Added Confirmation Screen to Catalog Deletion
	- Reorganized Menu System and Added Modules section
	- Fix an error if you try to add a shoutbox for an invalid object
		(Thx atrophic)
	- Fixed issue with art dump on jpeg files (Thx atrophic)
        - Fixed issue with force http play and port not correctly specifying
                non-standard http port (Thx Deathcrow)
	- Remember Starts With value even if you switch tabs
	- Fixed rating caching so it actually completely works now
	- Removed redundent UPDATE on session table due to /util.php
	- Added Batch Download to single Artist view
	- Added back in the direct links on songs, requires download set
		to enabled as it's essentially the same thing except with
		now playing information tied to it
	- Bumped API Version to 350001 and require that a version is sent
		with handshake to indicate the application will work
	- Removed the MyStrands plugin as did not provide good data, and does
		not appear to have been used
	- Added Catalog Prefix config option used to determine which prefixes
		should not be used for sorting
	- Merged Browse Menu with Home
	- Added checkbox to single artist view allowing you to enable/disable
		album art thumbnails on albums of said artist
	- Added timeout override on update_single_item because the function
		is a lie
	- Fix translations so it's not all german
	- Genre Tag is now used as a 'Tag', Browse Genre removed
	- Ignore getid3() iconv stuff doesn't seem to work
	- Improved, tries a translation first then strips
		invalid characters
	- Fixed album art not clearing thumbnail correctly on gather
	- Fixed localplay instance not displaying correctly after change
		until a page refresh
	- Fixed endless loop on index if you haven't played a song in
		over two years
	- Fixed gather art and parse m3u not working on catalog create
		also added URL read support to m3u import
	- Upped Minimum requirements to Mysql 5.x
	- Add codeunde1load's Web 2.0 style tag patch
	- Fixed typo in e-mail From: name (Thx Xgizzmo)
	- Fixed typo in browse auto_init() which could cause ampache to not
		remember your start point in some situations. (Thx Xgizzmo)

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