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Revision 1.9, Mon Sep 20 21:29:15 2010 UTC (9 years, 4 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.8: +2 -1 lines

Update to 2.3.2:


    * Bumped libMTP dependency to version 1.0.0.
    * Improved response of current track and albums applet on data updates.
    * Use system date/time format for default name when saving user playlists.

    * Fixed incorrect size of the VideoClip applet. (BR 247097)
    * Comments embedded in files that contained newlines or tabs could be
      skipped entirely. (BR 223502)
    * The equalizer dialog did not discard changes when clicking "Cancel".
      Patch by Anton Gritsay <anton@angri.ru>. (BR 242730)
    * The Last.fm service did not work without KWallet. (BR 235861)
    * Show actual KDE version in the "About Amarok" dialog, instead of the
      version used at compile time.
    * Fixed a crash when trying to save a playlist to a file where the format
      of the playlist was unknown. (BR 246168)
    * Also use podcast channel image for downloaded episodes. (BR 229391)
    * Collection directories that were symlinks could end up storing the wrong
      absolute path, causing those files to be removed during incremental
    * Fixed playlist tooltips not showing up, even when enabled in the playlist
      layout (BR 249086)
    * Fixed potential crashes related to Applet loading. (BR 246756)
    * Fixed possible crash in Labels Applet when playing new track. (BR 248538)
    * Fixed incorrect layout of applets on startup.
    * Fixed Collection Browser not properly updating after a full rescan,
      necessitating Amarok to be closed and reopened. Fixes various bugs.
      (BR 172542)
    * Fixed cover found dialog closing when download failed or is cancelled.
    * Fixed failure when fetching cddb info for audio CDs in localized Amarok.
    * Fixed expanding items in collection browser by double-click, in
      double-click mode.
    * Fixed crash when adding new folders repeatedly in podcast/saved playlist
    * Fixed context menu actions acting on wrong indices in the playlist
    * Fixed incorrect text about "rpath" argument to collection scanner.
      (BR 236076)
    * Fixed emission of MPRIS StatusChange signal when switching into or out
      of random mode.

VERSION 2.3.2-Beta 1
    * Podcasts can now be filtered on provider and grouped in folders. (BR 219519)
    * Amarok 1.4 Database Importer: added support for importing labels.
      Thanks to Matj Laitl for the patch. (BR 218996)
    * Shortcuts: Added "Replay current track" shortcut. (BR 217081)
    * Edit filter dialog: added "added" and "last played" date filters.
    * File browser: added forward and back buttons for accessing navigate history.
    * Organize Dialog: added a way to save multiple file formats as presets. (BR 122672)
    * Filtering: added default presets to the drop down menu of the collection
      search widget.
    * Filtering: track format can now be used as filter keyword in the
      collection browser, e.g. "format:flac".
    * Filtering: track file size can now be used as filter keyword in the
      collection browser, e.g. "filesize:<12" for tracks under 12Mb;
      "filesize:25" for tracks that are between 25 and 26Mb.
    * Filtering: tracks that were added to the collection since/before a
      certain time can now be filtered using, e.g. "added:<1w".
    * Filtering: added ability to filter last played date in the collection
      browser, e.g. "played:<3d".

    * Let scripts access bpm property of tracks (read-only). (BR 245257)
    * Remote Meta+P global shortcut to avoid future problems with new
      keyboard drivers in notebooks. (BR 235204)
    * Fix size of Slim toolbar time labels. Thanks to Tijl Coosemans for the patch.
    * Amarok 1.4 Database Importer: only import tracks that actually belong in the
      collection. Thanks to Matj Laitl for the patch. (BR 218999)
    * Refresh the albums context applet when the collection is updated.
    * Don't allow the last visible playlist source in User Playlists to be hidden.
    * "Play Media" dialog now remembers the last used directory. (BR 231092)
    * Organize Dialog: tweaked the layout to fit better on smaller resolutions (BR 238000)
    * Filtering: added year suffix for date filters in the collection browser.
    * Last.fm features that require user authentication are now disabled
      by default.
    * Ignore "DJ" prefix when sorting in collection browser. (BR 181955)
      Patch by Richard Longland <rlongland@hotmail.com>.

    * Tweaked fuzzy numerical comparisons in the APG. (BR 242281)
    * Finally don't truncate the "Label:" label in TagDialog. (BR 235957)
    * Fix crash when right clicking on children of "No labels". NoLabel item is
      now a Data item. (BR 243825)
    * Fix regression in Dynamic Collections. For files that were scanned when
      Dynamic Collections wasn't working, you will need to rescan them to get
      them associated with the proper device.
    * Fix crash on exit with newer KDE versions. Patch by Martin Blumenstingl and Felix
      Geyer. (BR 245513)
    * Fixed playlist bottom toolbar getting to tall when using "Text only"
      button style. (BR 228390)
    * Fixed Amarok layout saving when minized to tray. (BR 244583)
    * Make "No other participants" in the events applet translatable.
      Patch by Jan Janssen. (BR 235311)
    * Fixed track number on DAAP shares. Patch by Silvio Frischknecht. (BR 235030)
    * Fixed filtering by rating in the playlist. (BR 240293)
    * The scripts categories are now translatable. (BR 240563)
    * Fixed Amarok 1.4 Database Importer not importing statistics and lyrics of
      tracks that are not yet in database. Thanks to Matj Laitl for the patch.
      (see comments on BR 218996)
    * Fixed always playing first track when adding tracks to empty playlist with
      random mode on. Patch by Anton Gritsay <anton@angri.ru> (BR 240452)
    * Directories that were once part of the collection but not anymore may not
      have been properly removed, leading to files outside the collection being
      scanned. (BR 243532)
    * Fixed "genre" and other playlist groupings not working. (BR 243344)
    * Removed track progress effect on TrayIcon as it caused several problems
      (also caused by a bogus implementation of the KSNI class)
      (BR 233506, BR 240463, BR 231539, BR 232578, BR 232312).
    * Fixed track name in main window title incorrectly changing when editing
      tag info for another track. Thanks to Anton Gritsay <anton@angri.ru> for
      the patch (BR 220521)
    * Splitted desktop so mime types can be allocated in a better way
      (BR 242292).
    * Fixed some tracks not being scanned when they had corrupted MusicBrainz
      IDs. Thanks to Matj Laitl <matej@laitl.cz> for the patch. (BR 236227)
    * Fixed crash when navigating using "Places" in the file browser. (BR 240338)
    * Fixed error dialog popup if the stored directory is no longer accessible
      when using the file browser. (BR 234286)
    * Single clicking a file in the file browser now selects it instead of
      appending to the playlist by default in single-click mode. (BR 233171)
    * Fixed resizing and eliding issues with the file browser breadcrumbs.
      (BR 231366 comment #5)
    * Drop file icons in file browser breadcrumbs. (BR 231366)
    * Fixed keyboard navigation in file browser. (BR 240668)
      Patch thanks to Hannes Koller.
    * Fixed dropping files to playlist from Konqueror. (BR 235722)
    * Fixed keyboard shortcuts of actions from scripts lost after restart.
      Thanks to Martin Blumenstingl <darklight.xdarklight@googlemail.com>.
      (BR 223165)
    * Fixed tracks not changing for "stop after this track" action. (BR 231209)
    * Cleaned up some tooltips/what's this strings in the Organize dialog
      to make it easier to read and, hopefully, understand. (BR 237857)
    * Fixed organize dialog's handling of the year tag. If there is no year
      then the %year token should be an empty string.(BR 237834)
    * The "Ignore 'The'" option in the organize files dialog is now case
      insensitive. (BR 237831)
    * Fixed odd header name when showing "places" in the file browser.
      (BR 238518)
    * Filenames with dots (.) and other special RegEx characters will now be
      parsed correctly when guessing tags from a filename. (BR 225743)
    * Align track details dialog's labels to the right as per KDE4's HIG.
      (BR 234555)
    * The last.fm service will now only open the wallet on startup if the user
      has enabled features that require authentication. (BR 230098)
    * Correctly load the list of labels in tag dialog. (BR 238737)
      Patch by Daniel Faust <hessijames@gmail.com>.
    * Cover manager: fixed crash if closed shortly after opening. (BR 235796)
    * Fixed Last.fm service browser not updating its view if it's open on
      startup. (BR 231044)
    * Fixed clicking on browser categories not honoring mouse settings. (BR 226533)
    * Fixed usability issue with regards to context menu item order when right
      clicking in the playlist widget. (BR 198650)

# $NetBSD: options.mk,v 1.9 2010/09/20 21:29:15 wiz Exp $

PKG_SUPPORTED_OPTIONS=	libgpod libmp4v2 libmtp libvisual mp3tunes
PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS=	libgpod libmp4v2 libmtp libvisual mp3tunes

.include "../../mk/bsd.options.mk"

.if !empty(PKG_OPTIONS:Mlibgpod)
BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.libgpod+=	libgpod>=0.6.0nb1
.include "../../audio/libgpod/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../x11/gtk2/buildlink3.mk"

# libifp is currently not supported
#.if !empty(PKG_OPTIONS:Mlibifp)
#.include "../../audio/libifp/buildlink3.mk"

.if !empty(PKG_OPTIONS:Mlibmp4v2)
.include "../../multimedia/libmp4v2/buildlink3.mk"

.if !empty(PKG_OPTIONS:Mlibmtp)
BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.libmtp+=	libmtp>=1.0
.include "../../devel/libmtp/buildlink3.mk"

# libnjb is currently not supported
#.if !empty(PKG_OPTIONS:Mlibnjb)
#.include "../../devel/libnjb/buildlink3.mk"

.if !empty(PKG_OPTIONS:Mlibvisual)
.include "../../audio/libvisual/buildlink3.mk"

.if !empty(PKG_OPTIONS:Mmp3tunes)
.include "../../chat/loudmouth/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../devel/glib2/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../security/openssl/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../textproc/libxml2/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../www/curl/buildlink3.mk"