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Revision 1.2, Sun Feb 20 20:41:40 2005 UTC (14 years, 8 months ago) by wiz
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.1: +5 -5 lines

Update to 1.2:

  ADD: "Repeat Track" status is reflected by an icon in the playlist.
  ADD: New icons from tightcode for statusbar and repeatTrack.
  ADD: New Smart-Playlist "Ever Played".
  CHG: Bumped GStreamer version requirement to 0.8.4.
  CHG: Made it possible to use artsdsink with GStreamer again.
  CHG: Don't read m3u files recursively when dropping a folder on the
       playlist. No more doubled entries.
  FIX: Shoutcast radio with GStreamer is improved, no more dropouts when
       starting a stream.
  ADD: The "Similar Artists" feature (using Audioscrobbler) can now be
       switched off. (BR 95280)
  FIX: Error in Shoutcast http-request, which made it impossible to play
       many radio streams with GStreamer and aRts. (BR 97211, 98569)
  CHG: Better default directory for selecting a custom cover.
  FIX: ContextBrowser reloads after setting a custom cover. (BR 96548)
  FIX: Cover-Manager's full-screen view works with Bughira (brushed metal).
  ADD: Script-Manager can auto-run scripts on application startup.
  ADD: aKode engine, depends on KDE 3.4. No configure check yet.
  FIX: Don't add non-audio files to the Collection.
  CHG: We now use the SqlLoader, which greatly improves the performance of
       adding stuff to the playlist from SmartPlaylists and the Collection.

VERSION 1.2-beta4:
  ADD: It is now possible to select the right image if there are multiple
       results from Amazon. Patch from Gregory Isabelli <g_isabelli@yahoo.fr>.
       (BR 93287)
  CHG: Reorganized the DCOP interface. We used to have all DCOP functions in the
       "player" group. Now it's splitted up into several categories. Attention
       script writers: Adjust your DCOP calls!
  FIX: The loader is now more robust and should always find amarokapp.
  CHG: The search-browser has been integrated into the file-browser.
  CHG: OSD can have fake transparency and new fancy shadow.
  ADD: DCOP function "shortStatusMessage", shows a temporary message on the
       application's statusbar.
  FIX: Frequent crashes when writing tags. (BR 95344)
  FIX: CoverManager updates its status display correctly.
  FIX: "isPlaying" DCOP function now works correctly. (BR 90894)
  ADD: Automatic crash report generator, sends backtraces to amaroK HQ.
  ADD: DCOP function "saveCurrentPlaylist". Writes the playlist to current.xml,
       for scripts that need to access the playlist contents.
  ADD: Playlist2html, a script for playlist exporting. (BR 96199)
  ADD: Improved statusbar, with animated error notification widget.
  ADD: New progress display system, can show multiple expandable progress
       widgets in the statusbar.
  ADD: Alarm script, starts playing music at specified alarm time.
  ADD: Script-Manager for DCOP script extensions is now functional. Refer to the
       amaroK Wiki for information on script writing.
  ADD: Collection-Browser shows a help message in flat-mode when filter is
       empty. (BR 97000)
  CHG: It is possible to select the Database Engine (SQLite, MySQL) runtime,
       without amaroK restart. New Database Engines can be added, they need to
       inherit DbConnection and implement its' virtual methods (see
       SqliteConnection and MySqlConnection).
  CHG: New amaroK icon "Blue Wolf", made by Da-Flow.
  FIX: Possible crash when enabling Player-Window. (BR 94668)

VERSION 1.2-beta3:
  ADD: Smart Playlists can have a random order or a score weighted random order
       (BR 90861)
  ADD: Show total length of selected songs in statusbar. (BR 90284)
  ADD: Context-Browser now caches the tab widgets. Patch from Matias Costa
       <mcc3@alu.um.es>. (BR 95999)
  FIX: RAND and REP buttons were always enabled at startup. (BR 95861)
  ADD: Implemented "Append Suggestions" functionality. It means that when
       enabled, amaroK will append a couple of suggested songs to playlist when
       you play a track. This produces a continuous playlist, something similar
       to listening to radio.
  ADD: Implemented "Play Media..." functionality.
  FIX: Playlist-Browser was appending to playlist when clicking "Load". Now it
       replaces the current playlist again, as intended.
  ADD: Profile for KDELIRC (Remote Controls). Patch by Dirk Ziegelmeier
  ADD: Remove Duplicates now also removes dead entries from playlist.
  FIX: Accept album-dragging from the ContextBrowser. (BR 86020)
  FIX: Configure check was missing for the Konqueror Sidebar (depends on
  FIX: Browser splitter was drawn incorrectly with some styles. (BR 95333)
  ADD: DCOP call for relative seek. Patch by Andreas Pfaller. (BR 84989)
  CHG: Bumped TagLib dependency to 1.3.1. (1.3 is too damn buggy)
  FIX: CTRL-M can show the menubar again after hiding. (BR 94139)
  ADD: Support for last.fm streams.
  FIX: amaroK icon shows correctly in window decoration under GNOME.
  ADD: Support for ID3v2 cover images. (Thanks to M. Thiesen!) (BR 88492)
  ADD: DCOP calls for the status of Random Mode, Repeat Playlist and Repeat
  ADD: DCOP call to return the sample rate.
  ADD: DCOP call to return the track number. (BR 94825)
  FIX: GStreamer-engine provides better scope synchronisation.
  ADD: Save current track position and play queue on exit. (BR 90379)
  FIX: Fix Directory column on playlist, show absolute directory path instead of
       empty string. (BR 90361)
  ADD: DCOP call to scan your collection. (BR 84621)
  FIX: When an engine fails to load, respect the rank while choosing the next

VERSION 1.2-beta2:
  FIX: Classic amaroK theme looks better.
  ADD: Context Browser has CSS styling.
  FIX: Cover fetching improvements/fixes.
  ADD: Last played: yesterday, etc. in ContextBrowser.
  FIX: Big speedup for PlaylistLoader, when adding many items.
  ADD: Show songs you once played, but didn't play for the longest time on
       ContextBrowser's Home-page. (least played) (BR 89479)
  FIX: Don't crash on song switch, when there's only one visible playlist item
       and repeat-list is activated. (BR 94030)
  CHG: Add and queue tracks after the current track. (BR 94121)
  ADD: DCOP call to raise the equalizer configuration dialog.
  ADD: Konqueror sidebar to view playing info and control amaroK.
  ADD: DCOP call to clear the playlist. (BR 90149)
  ADD: DCOP call to enable/disable the equalizer.
  ADD: DCOP call to return the score of the currently playing track.
  ADD: Audioscrobbler submit queue stored on disk. Tracks that are listened when
       offline will be available for submitting later.
  CHG: "Start Scan" button was renamed to "Update". Now it starts an incremental
       scan instead of a full rescan.
  FIX: Lyrics parsing failed for certain songs. (BR 94269)
  ADD: xine-engine saves config, and implements crossfade, bug fixed too.
  ADD: Player-Window can also show the BlockAnalyzer.
  CHG: Run incremental scanning once a minute instead of every 30 seconds.
  FIX: When collection scanning was interrupted with Cancel, incremental
       scanning didn't work any longer.
  CHG: Handle incremental file scanning in a thread. Now the GUI doesn't get
       blocked every 30 seconds, anymore. (BR 93564)
  ADD: CollectionBrowser now offers two operation modes:
       The classical TreeView and a new FlatView (like the WinAmp Library).
  FIX: Caching of local cover images was broken for non-unique filenames.
       (BR 94068)
  FIX: "Visualizations" menu entry was always disabled.
  FIX: Play button was sometimes stuck in disabled state.
  FIX: OSD was showing "%artist - %track" instead of "%artist - %title".
  FIX: Forward command line option --engine to amarokapp.
  FIX: CoverFetcher was always looking for "album - album".

VERSION 1.2-beta1:
  ADD: Full support for Audioscrobbler, including submission of tracks.
  FIX: Arts engine resumes from position when session is restored.
  ADD: Vorbis stream metadata support (GStreamer-engine). (BR 82378)
  ADD: Cover image and lyric fetchers include filters for common extensions,
       such as (Disc 1). (BR 90630)
  ADD: Ability to choose from four different Amazon locales. (BR 90664)
  ADD: OSD now draws gradient instead of solid colour.
  ADD: 'Stop after current song' functionality. (BR 88652)
  FIX: Queue function from context/collection browsers actually properly queues
       tracks. (BR 90319)
  ADD: MySQL database support. Patch by Andreas Mair <am_ml@linogate.com>.
       Please refer to mailing list for detailed instructions.
  ADD: Metadata history for streams in Context-Browser. (BR 89839)
  ADD: Command line option --engine.
  ADD: OSD text is now configurable, and it displays the album cover.
  FIX: Remote folders are read recursively when dropped on the playlist.
  FIX: Audiocd protocol in filebrowser had empty folders.
  ADD: Cache system for current-track animation in playlist. Reduces CPU load
       when the playlist is visible.
  ADD: 10-band IIR equalizer for GStreamer and xine engines.
  FIX: The background gradient effect in Context-Browser is now much faster. The
       gradient also looks nicer. (BR 91276)
  FIX: Password-protected streams did not work correctly. (BR 91184). Patch by
  ADD: NMM-engine was rewritten and updated for the latest NMM release. Supports
       audio and video playback.
  ADD: Cover-Manager supports drag-and-drop.
  ADD: Tags are now read from the Collection database if they are already
       stored. This speeds up adding items to the playlist. (BR 90137)
  ADD: Context-browser shows "Suggested Tracks", utilizing audioscrobbler.
  FIX: Configure does no longer print "Good - Configure has finished" when a
       dependency is missing.
  ADD: Intelligent automatic resize for playlist columns
  ADD: Shaded current-track marker in playlist.
  ADD: Automatic song lyrics display.
  CHG: Internal SQLite upgraded to 3.0.8.

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.2 2005/02/20 20:41:40 wiz Exp $

DISTNAME=		amarok-1.2
CATEGORIES=		audio kde
EXTRACT_SUFX=		.tar.bz2

HOMEPAGE=		http://amarok.kde.org/
COMMENT=		KDE audio player

USE_DIRS+=		xdg-1.1

CONFIGURE_ARGS+=	--without-nmm
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=	--without-mas


BUILDLINK_DEPENDS.taglib+=	taglib>=1.3.1
BUILDLINK_DEPENDS.gst-plugins+=	gst-plugins>=0.8.4
BUILDLINK_DEPENDS.gstreamer+=	gstreamer>=0.8.4
BUILDLINK_DEPENDS.arts+=	arts>=1.2

.include "../../audio/arts/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../audio/libvisual/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../audio/taglib/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../audio/tunepimp/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../audio/xmms/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../devel/pkgconfig/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../meta-pkgs/kde3/kde3.mk"
.include "../../mk/ossaudio.buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../multimedia/gst-plugins/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../multimedia/gstreamer/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../multimedia/kdemultimedia3/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../multimedia/xine-lib/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../x11/kdelibs3/buildlink3.mk"
.include "../../mk/bsd.pkg.mk"