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Current directory: [] / pkgsrc

Current tag: riastradh-drm2-base2

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[DIR] archivers/
[DIR] athena/
[DIR] audio/
[DIR] benchmarks/
[DIR] biology/
[DIR] bootstrap/
[DIR] cad/
[DIR] chat/
[DIR] comms/
[DIR] converters/
[DIR] corba/
[DIR] cross/
[DIR] crosspkgtools/
[DIR] crypto/
[DIR] databases/
[DIR] devel/
[DIR] distfiles/
[DIR] doc/
[DIR] editors/
[DIR] emulators/
[DIR] filesystems/
[DIR] finance/
[DIR] fonts/
[DIR] games/
[DIR] geography/
[DIR] graphics/
[DIR] ham/
[DIR] inputmethod/
[DIR] japanese/
[DIR] lang/
[DIR] licenses/
[DIR] mail/
[DIR] math/
[DIR] mbone/
[DIR] meta-pkgs/
[DIR] misc/
[DIR] mk/
[DIR] multimedia/
[DIR] net/
[DIR] news/
[DIR] packages/
[DIR] parallel/
[DIR] pkgtools/
[DIR] plan9/
[DIR] print/
[DIR] py-flask-uploads/
[DIR] regress/
[DIR] security/
[DIR] shells/
[DIR] sysutils/
[DIR] templates/
[DIR] tex-FAQ-en-doc/
[DIR] tex-MemoirChapStyles-doc/
[DIR] tex-Type1fonts-doc/
[DIR] tex-amslatex-primer-doc/
[DIR] tex-around-the-bend-doc/
[DIR] tex-ascii-chart-doc/
[DIR] tex-babel-albanian/
[DIR] tex-babel-bahasa/
[DIR] tex-babel-basque/
[DIR] tex-babel-bosnian/
[DIR] tex-babel-breton/
[DIR] tex-babel-bulgarian/
[DIR] tex-babel-catalan/
[DIR] tex-babel-croatian/
[DIR] tex-babel-czech/
[DIR] tex-babel-danish/
[DIR] tex-babel-dutch/
[DIR] tex-babel-esperanto/
[DIR] tex-babel-estonian/
[DIR] tex-babel-french/
[DIR] tex-babel-friulan/
[DIR] tex-babel-georgian/
[DIR] tex-babel-greek/
[DIR] tex-babel-hebrew/
[DIR] tex-babel-hungarian/
[DIR] tex-babel-icelandic/
[DIR] tex-babel-interlingua/
[DIR] tex-babel-irish/
[DIR] tex-components-of-TeX-doc/
[DIR] textproc/
[DIR] time/
[DIR] wm/
[DIR] www/
[DIR] x11/

NOTE: There are 9 files, but none matches the current tag (riastradh-drm2-base2).

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