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Revision 1.1, Sun Feb 16 01:29:44 2003 UTC (19 years, 9 months ago) by bad
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: vmware-netbsd-3-2-2, vmware-netbsd-3-2-1-8, vmware-netbsd-3-2-1-7, vmware-netbsd-3-2-1-6, vmware-netbsd-3-2-1-5, vmware-netbsd-3-2-1-4, vmware-netbsd-3-2-1-3, vmware-netbsd-3-2-1-2, vmware-netbsd-3-2-1-1, vmware-netbsd-3-2-1, vmware-netbsd-3-2-0, vmware-netbsd-1-2, vmware-netbsd-1-1, vmware-netbsd-1-0, HEAD

Import (add) Frank van der Linden's port of the vmware modules to NetBSD.

. /etc/rc.conf.d/vmware