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Revision (vendor branch), Mon Feb 28 02:17:52 2000 UTC (22 years, 5 months ago) by wrstuden
Branch: NAS, MAIN
CVS Tags: nastore3-beta-20000227, HEAD
Changes since 1.1: +0 -0 lines

Import of snapshot of nastore3 code. Includes kernel code for dmfs, dmfs
user utilities, ms66 import and export, vvm, and volman. Also includes
makefile magic to automatically generate .tgz source files from the source.
Solaris support a bit of a question as zoularis is not working at the

----- /NAStore/src/mss/0README: general info for setting up NAStore

-- Files in this dir:

     Makefile		Chooses machine compatibility file Mkconfig.nastore
			and builds everything.

     Mkconfig.nastore	Compile stuff for the given machine:
			included by all Makefiles in the mss/
			tree. Copied/linked from mss/Config/.

     Mkinstall.nastore	Places where things are installed

     install		Script used by Makefiles to hide varying install 
			cmds on different machines.

     depends		Recopies basic Config/Depend file to other dirs.

     Release		Script for building volman tree for tape server machine.

-- Directories:

     etc/		Prototype config files for /usr/mss/etc/ and /etc/

     nasutil/		General-purpose routines, portability. Used by
			volman and rash.

     nasfs/		File system dependencies affecting inode manipulation.
			Used by rash only for migrating file systems.

     volman/		Volume Manager. Servers and clients can run 
			in distributed mode on various machines.

     rash/		RASH. Handles file migration in appropriate
			types of file system.

-- Things to set up before compiling/installing:

Main directories to create:

	/usr/mss/bin			! BINDIR in Mkinstall.nastore

Also for volman, including config files:

	volman/Mkconfig.volman		! Need to set VOLD_HOST

	/usr/spool/mss/volman		! SPOOLDIR in volman/Mkconfig.volman
	/usr/mss/lib/volman		! LIBDIR in volman/Mkconfig.volman
	/usr/mss/lib/volman/VCONF	! VCONF in volman/Mkconfig.volman
					  config file for vold
	/usr/mss/lib/volman/dbase	! DBDIR in volman/Mkconfig.volman

  Also, in /etc/syslog.conf:
	# volman RP console
	local0.notice                                   volman

  If clients will access volumes from this host:

	/dev/vol			! NODEDIR in volman/Mkconfig.volman

  If acs running locally:

	/usr/spool/mss/volman/acs1		- assuming acsrc RC #1 in VCONF
	/usr/spool/mss/volman/acs1/cap		- assuming acsrc RC #1 in VCONF
	/usr/mss/lib/volman/acs/ACS_CONF1	- assuming acsrc RC #1 in VCONF

  If syslogging in ACS_CONF*, add in /etc/syslog.conf:
	# acsrc lcl console
	local1.notice                                   acs

Also for rash:

	plus -?