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Initial import of CDK 4.9.9.  The work to port this was performed by
Charles Hannum, and that is the version being imported:

Cdk Notes
Copyright Mike Glover, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

This document states some of the testing and history of the Cdk widget set.

Cdk has gone through a major facelift since I first created it, and it's
current look I like enough to release and attach my name to. :) I have made sure
to remain as consistent as possible with function parameter positions, names,
purposes, and what-not. I hope I have been, if not mail me tell me what you
find inconsistent and I may change it. I say may because I don't want to kill
anyone's code if I can help it. That is why I waited so long before releasing
Cdk. I wanted it to be as stable as possible before sending it out into the
world. I think it's stable, and hopefully so will you. There are a few things
worth noting before continuing.

Cdk has gone through some fairly rigorous testing, but since I did the testing
it may not be complete. I have complied the code with Purify (TM) and 
Centerline's Testcenter (TM) and both say my code is clean. There are no
memory leaks, and the only problems exist in the curses library. If you use the
Ncurses library, it has been cleaned. Of course I am not the best to ask. The
only reason why I can say this is because I asked the Ncurses author. I don't
know how clean it is. I will assume very clean.

But since I may not be able to see the forest for the trees, I'm willing to 
bet that bugs still do exist, and you folks will find them. If you do find bugs
read the BUGS document supplied with this release to find out what to do.

I do not plan on changing the interface to Cdk, so any code developed in it now
should pass the test of time. The only changes I can see are bug fixes and new
widgets. Lets hope this wish of mine remains true...

There is an examples directory available which demonstrates all of the widgets
and some extra concepts, it's a great place to tool around in before banging
away at your own code.

If you want to get a hold of me mail me at one of the following:

The CDK Web page has several homes. They are:
        http://www.vexus.ca/CDK.html (official)
	http://www.datasoft.on.ca/~cdk (Sponsered by the nice folks at Datasoft)

Have fun. :)