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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
[BACK] Parent Directory        
[DIR] bin/        
[DIR] bootstrap-pkgsrc/        
[DIR] crosscomp/        
[DIR] crypto/        
[DIR] dist/        
[DIR] external/        
[DIR] fsu_compat/        
[DIR] lib/        
[DIR] libexec/        
[DIR] misc/        
[DIR] nastore/        
[DIR] sbin/        
[DIR] share/        
[DIR] storage/        
[DIR] surfraw/        
[DIR] usr.bin/        
[DIR] usr.sbin/        
[DIR] vmware-modules/        
[DIR] zfs/        
[DIR] zoularis/        
[TXT] Makefile  1.3   14 years  stacktic   Makefile refactoring
[TXT] Makefile.fsu  1.6   12 years  pooka   duh, revert previous. they were already there
[TXT] Makefile.gen  1.3   13 years  stacktic   include nbcompat.h where needed rename wrapped functions
[TXT] README  1.1   23 years  perry   initial commit of file explaining what othersrc is for

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