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Update no longer available URLs to location where they are available.

Most of them are still available on the original web sites but changed the URLs
a bit.

Problem reported by Eitan Adler via PR misc/52832.
(only `The CMU Monarch Project: Protocols for Adaptive Mobile and Wireless
Networking' patch hunk was taken as-is, the deletions proposed were converted
to URL that are available nowdays instead).

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<title>NetBSD Documentation: Research of interest to NetBSD</title>

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<title>Research of interest to NetBSD</title>

<para>Please note, <ulink url="../../gallery/research.html"> research
carried out using NetBSD</ulink> is listed elsewhere.</para>

<para>Several groups, organizations, and individuals have conducted
research or performed demonstrations which are applicable to NetBSD. If
you have such material that might be appropriate for this section, and
would like to make it available here, <ulink
url="http://www.NetBSD.org/cgi-bin/feedback.cgi">let us


<listitem><ulink url="http://www.eecs.harvard.edu/~margo/papers/usenix95-lfs/supplement/">
LFS and FFS Supplementary Information</ulink></listitem>

the Performance of Log-Structured File Systems with Adaptive

<listitem><ulink url="http://www.kohala.com/start/ttcp.html">T/TCP Home
Page</ulink> (TCP for Transactions)</listitem>

<listitem><ulink url="https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~./dbj/mobile.html">The CMU Monarch
Project</ulink>: Protocols for Adaptive Mobile and Wireless

url="http://www.nada.kth.se/~snilsson/publications/Address-lookup/"> Fast
Address Look-Up</ulink> for Internet Routers</listitem>

  This link seems to be dead at the moment (20060806), so we'll use
  a mirror instead.
  <ulink url="ftp://ftp.vix.com/pub/vixie/proxynet.psf.gz">Proxynet</ulink>:
  <ulink url="http://ftp.labs.hp.com/ftp/pub/misc/vixie/proxynet.psf.gz">Proxynet</ulink>:
a mechanism for creating connectivity domains.
<ulink url="http://ftp.labs.hp.com/ftp/pub/misc/vixie/proxynet.tar.gz">Source code</ulink>
is also available.</listitem>

<listitem><ulink url="http://www.isi.edu/~johnh/SOFTWARE/UCLA_STACKING/">
UCLA Stackable Filing</ulink></listitem>