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    <title>Mounting an old FFSv1 file system warning</title>
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<h1>Mounting an old FFSv1 file system warning</h1>
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<div class="titlepage"><div><div><h3 class="title">
<a name="why"></a>Why do I get this warning?</h3></div></div></div>
	Sometimes when mounting a file system, the kernel will output
	the following warning:
<pre class="programlisting">
root on wd0a dumps on wd0b
CGSIZE(fs) miscalculated by one - this file system may have been created by
  an old (buggy) userland, see
root file system type: ffs
	or an even more scary version:
<pre class="programlisting">
# mount /home
mount_ffs: /dev/raid2a on /home: incorrect super block
ERROR: cylinder group size mismatch: fs_cgsize = 0x4800, fs-&gt;fs_cgsize = 0x4000, CGSIZE(fs) = 0x4003
	which prevents using the disk completely.
	This originally was suspected to happen when the file system has been created with a very
	ancient newfs utility - the bug causing this mis-setup was fixed in revision 1.96
        of src/sbin/newfs/mkfs.c, on January 11, 2006.
      But later <a class="ulink" href="http://gnats.NetBSD.org/50070" target="_top">analysis</a>
      resulted in a fix of the slightly over-eager sanity check done by the
    <div class="sect2">
<div class="titlepage"><div><div><h3 class="title">
<a name="action"></a>Is emergency action needed?</h3></div></div></div>
      <p>If you get the first form and can still mount the file system: no,
      you can just ignore the issue.
      The second variant of the error prevents usage of the filesystem,
      so you need to upgrade your kernel (see below).</p>
    <div class="sect2">
<div class="titlepage"><div><div><h3 class="title">
<a name="longterm"></a>What is the (long term) recommended action to solve the issue?</h3></div></div></div>
	Assuming the affected file system is not actually of the ancient
	(broken) variant created with a pre-2006 binary: install a newer
	kernel. You should only see this message on some versions of
	-current, so upgrading to a recent -current kernel (newer than
	october 22, 2015) should fix it.
	back up all your data from this partition, use a modern newfs(8) to
	recreate the filesystem and restore the data.
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