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[TXT] .htaccess  1.52   8 months  riastradh   Avoid https->http downgrade in redirects. least, redirects to the same ho...
[TXT] global.css  1.133   7 months  nia   Explicit header sizes
[TXT] .cvsignore  1.5   9 years  spz   Gnats is not needed here any longer
[TXT]  1.20   5 years  leot   Instruct to generate the `Upcoming Events' section only if there is...
[TXT]  1.26   3 years  christos   Not all Makefiles include the necessary stuff to define AWK, so fail back.
[TXT] stripe.html  1.2   8 months  leot   Properly capitalize
[TXT] README.txt  1.9   22 months  rillig   README: migrate from http to https
[TXT] layout.xml  1.548   6 months  martin   Update for NetBSD 9.2
[TXT] google4357de75246244ca.html  1.1   7 years  mspo   add google webmaster tools verification page
[TXT] robots.txt  1.3   7 years  mspo   also disallow donations/
[TXT] Makefile  1.100   5 years  snj   releng subdir is toast
[TXT] favicon.ico  1.8   14 months  nia   transparent favicon
[TXT] index.xml  1.7   6 years  christos   try again.
[TXT] index.html  1.2143   13 days  nia   what's a cats

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