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Revision 1.2956, Fri Mar 24 12:43:33 2023 UTC (6 days, 20 hours ago) by kre
Branch: MAIN
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tzdata updated from 2023a to 2023b

# LIST OF CHANGES FROM LAST RELEASE:			<$Revision: 1.2956 $>
# [Note: This file does not mention every change made to the NetBSD source tree.
# For an exhaustive list, please subscribe to the `source-changes' mailing list,
# or see the mailing list archives.  For more information, send a message
# containing just the word `help' to `majordomo@NetBSD.org'.]
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Changes from NetBSD 10.0 to NetBSD 11.0:
	amdsmn(4): added trivial power management support [reinoud 20221218]
	amdccp(4): added trivial power management support [reinoud 20221218]
	libc: Update Unicode tables to Unicode 13.0.0. [wiz 20221220]
	libc: Update Unicode tables to Unicode 14.0.0. [wiz 20221220]
	ppp(4): Remove several non-functioning ioctls. [chs 20221221]
	libc: Update Unicode tables to Unicode 15.0.0. [wiz 20221221]
	dse(4): Added Dayna SCSI/Link ethernet driver. [nat 20221222]
	sdhc(4): Add quirk for some Intel eMMC devices (like
		GIGABYTE MA10-ST0) to allow the driver to attach
		successfully. [msaitoh 20230105]
	cribbage(6): Add -y option to keep playing without asking
		(from Greywolf in PR 57164) [christos 20230106]
	x86: Enable the -z separate-code security feature by default in
		ld(1). Reduces the default max page size from 2M to
		4K on amd64. [christos 20230106]
	aq(4): add support for AQC113-116 [ryo 20230114]
	bind: Import version 9.16.37. [christos 20230125]
	xfwp(1): remove. [wiz 20230204]
	wscons(4): Ignore nonsense tab stops in vt100 emulation.
		[riastradh 20230223]
	nvmm(4): Filter CR4 bits on x86 SVM (AMD). In particular,
		prohibit PKE, Protection Key Enable, which requires
		some additional management of CPU state by nvmm. 
		[riastradh 20230223]
	ftp(1): Add option sslnoverify to control validation of SSL
		certificates. Certificate validation is now enabled
		by default. [mlelstv 20230225]
	ftp(1): Add netrc processing to fetch-mode (URL on command line) to
		enable options and autologin via netrc. [mlelstv 20230225]
	aarch64: Audit use of curcpu(9). [riastradh 20230225]
	xen: Memory barrier audit. Reduce unnecessary membars.
		[riastradh 20230225]
	x86: Mitigate MXCSR Configuration Dependent Timing CPU security
		flaw in kernel FPU use. [riastradh 20230225]
	kernel: Optimization: Omit needless membar when triggering softint
		in various ports. [riastradh 20230301]
	sh(1): Adjust tilde expansion to comply with upcoming POSIX
		Issue 8 requirements. [kre 20230306]
	tzdata: updated to 2023a (using the 2023agtz fork) [kre 20230323]
	tzdata: updated to 2023b (using the 2023bgtz fork) [kre 20230324]